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In the beloved Enhanced Battle Test, you can put the troops in: infantry, heavy infantry, archers, skirmishers, cavalry, heavy cavalry, etc such.
Such feature would really help the game in the troop organization on the field.
-Heavy infantry is usually the one to do the heavy hitting while light infantry's role may be clean up or as cannon fodder.
-Archers usually stay in a safe location and rain arrows away while skirmishers may engage at closer range throwing rocks and javelins while running back and forth.
-cavalry(light) may chase down enemies or scout while heavy cavalry can try to smash into the enemy.

PS: I really enjoy the way the new cavalry ai behaves. They rush towards the enemy line, then slow down and turn away. Really difficult to lure them into battle. This really makes it immersive and enjoyable. The player has to come up with a strategy to safely engage the enemy or risk unnecessary casualties.
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