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More formations

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IMHO adding more formations would add more depth to the strategy in battle. In the mod I'm playing now I have legionaries, praetorians, auxiliary and others all together. 😕 Anyway, even in the vanilla it would add more fun and realism to game. In particular, I'd add at least 3-4 different infantry formations (light, middle, heavy* for example), but the best would be making this aspect customizable.
*already exists I know

Mod: CA Eagle Rising
Also, I would add more complex formations on the battlefield (not a single horde like now), as this mod made:
Lastly, adding a new class "bodyguards" or "companions" (or whatever you want) would be cool. Se we could have a better use of the cavalry units.

This should be easy to make for TaleWorlds. :xf-smile:
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I dont know if its the same for everyone but me personally i only use shield wall for infantry, loose for archers, and skein for calvary. I wish the ones we had had more use.
I'd like to see more like testudo and such so ya. Would be cool if they had faction related ones. Like the imperials had better formations.


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Not sure how the console crowd would react to this? Is it fast paced action?
Gross! The command structure already got changed to make things more accessible to console players / gamepad users and this was a change that negatively impacted us PC players. I hope they don't continue this trend of trying to please console plebs...

I really think additional formations, and turning the meta away from the melee blob should be the focus for improving battles and this is a great suggestion. However unfortunately I don't think we will see too many changes or additions to this system as I think like stevehoos mentioned there is some disparity between what a large number of players want and the managers in charge of game content want, so I wouldn't hold my breath with seeing any major improvements to the Native formation system and we will most likely have to wait for mods to get any new formations other than Spear Wall.

I hope I'm wrong about this though, it just seems to be the impression I'm getting from dev responses in the past regarding new formations. Adding more formations might not be a priority, if it's even a priority at all, unfortunately as I would love to see stuff like the Testudo or the Phalanx get added to the game, and other tactical options for formations.

Although the formation speed for shield wall was greatly reduced I actually think this was a step in the right direction in terms of slowing down the pace of battle, at the moment though shield wall seems really underpowered because everything else is just so much better in comparison for movement speed, at least that's the case in multiplayer due to the small confined spaces the design of the captain mode maps.I think there should be a cost and a benefit for each of the formations and each should be unique enough to merit being worthy a separate formation. For example a Spear Wall formation should make your units move slowly but in unison as a line with their 2 handed Pikes extended, and any oncoming cavalry units or fast moving foot soldiers should take damage when they collide with the Pike. The cost being slow movement speed and not being able to use fast hitting short range weapons or their shield because their pikes are extended , the benefit would be that your formation is a deadly wall of pointy spikes.

There really is no major benefit to using the Square formation over Line formation, and yet Square formation has a cost, that being slow movement speed. Square formation should give a stat bonus to armor rating, damage output, or health regeneration something along those lines to really justify it being slower than line formation and loose formation.
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