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This game lacks the ammount of food variations , i really expected Bannerlord to pump it up in terms of resources that we use , and in the list bellow i will provide some examples of the food that could make it way into the game.

Live Stock

(Add more variations to - Chikens ,Turkey , Ducks , etc) - let us have aditional resources from some stock over time
(Chiken - eggs)
(Cow - milk)
(Sheep and Goats for wool and milk)

Raw Food
(id also suggest making us to have an option to hunt animals or search for this type of food in the forests , we really need some more rpg elements)
(also make some food being usable in inventory to affect the player - for example some herbs could heal and boost our heal time)

Broadleaf Plantain/Healing Herb/Mushrooms
For example

Consuming a Herb could restore some health to the player.
Consuming needed mushroom could increase player health regeneration.

Different type of meat we could get from the wild or animals we slaughter (atm we have only 1 type of meat which is just called mea)

We could really use a lot more variations
Example - Wild Meat: Deer Meat , Boar Meet , Bear meat , Wolf meat , Fox meat , Rabbit meat.
Example - Bad Meat (affects player morale and reputation) : Horse Meat ( maybe could use a perk to slaughter horses for meat) , Human Meat (same , maybe a perk - Canibalism to do that - Slaughter Prisoniers for meat) ,
Example - Common Meat - Chiken,Cow,Pig,Turkey,Duck,etc

Vegetables Fruits and Berries
Different Vegetables sold in different regions (so different cultures would trade some vegetables less or more)

Berries type - (could be found in the forest) - Blue berry , Red berry , Black berry , White berry.
Common Vegetables - (mostly sold in villages) - Potatoes , Tomatoes , Cabbages , Carrots , Onions , Beetroot,
Common Fruits - Apple, Orange , Cherry ,
Exotic Fruits - (sold in some villages) - Lime , Banana , Peach.

Roasted Food
(id suggest to add new features to the game to cook different food in different ways , also making Villages and Cities offer us this option for gold , and having an option to establish a camp and do it ourself , depedning on our cook level (yeah also suggesting a cook level added as a new common trait in to the game , since now we have
only battle traits , could be nice to have something related to a more peacefull life)

Roasted Meat

Roasted Fish
Roasted Vegetables
(All of this are basicaly the ones from the list above , just roasted , the bonus fo roasted would be that the food would provide more morale and less food consume ammount)

Salted Food
(basically doing that would decrease the meat going bad time , this also suggest that a feature that food spoils over time would be nice to have)
Salted Meat
Salted Fish

Dried Meat and Dried Fish
(This is a mix between Roasted and Salted , providing long food preservation and good morale)

Cooked Food
(Best type of food we could have , this type of food would provide great morale , healing boost , and more campaing speed)
(this also would require higher cook level and different recipes that would need to be learned by player or bought in the cities/villages , this type of food could also use few type of common food to cook special dishes) (for example similar to how smithing work but for cooking system)

Food examples
- Gruel (Rye Grain + Water + hardwood)
- meat with Gravy (Spices + Water + Meat (for example if using bad meat we will get a bad type of meat with gravy)
- Mushroom Soup (Water + Spices + Mushrooms) - provides improved bonuses that the mushrooms provided
- Porridge (Oat Grain + Water + hardwood)
- Porridge with Fruits/Vegetables (Rye Grain + Water + hardwood + Fruit/Vegetable type)
- Scrambled Eggs (Eggs + cook time)
- Potage (Cabbage + Meat + hardwood)
- Soup (Water + Spices)
- Vegetable Soup (Water + Spices + Vegetables)
- Stew (Meat + Carrot + Butter + Water + Hardwood)
(Hardwood mostly used for bowls)
And as a bonus the Cook Screen i think could be implemented.
(The image is a super raw example ,just to give an idea , as are many examples i gave above , i belive if given time this could be done way better and be really nice addition to the game)
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Here, have my
Not much to add.

I like the idea of having more variety and also having pros and cons to different types of food, for example, eat to much salted food and health will only restore to 90%, reduced morale, speed... a varied and healthy diet should give not just the stats at full capacity but actually some type of bonus, for example, reducing time to recover health and troops.

Hunting, foraging and a cooking/processing system should be implemented. Even a simple implementation would give more depth to the game and lay the ground for mods to develop it.
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Yeah, food variety is lacking badly in the game, I still miss having bread...

+1 topic.


I think this is a fine idea for a mod.

However I think the base game food variety is fine. There are also reasons to oppose the changes you propse: 1) number of food items has to be scaled to the simplified morale bonus limit (in which case I liked the varied bonuses in Warband only slightly better). 2) In Warband you'd only ever carry nonperishable foods anyway unless you found a great deal. 3) Keeping track of the number of trade goods we have for proper routes is a decent challenge as is and what you're proposing triples or more the amount of food goods. 4) Isn't it implied/historical/common sense that soldiers cook food before eating it? You shouldn't eat grain raw.

There's more reasons, and I didn't originally want to post something non-constructive, but after people voiced support I felt I should point this stuff out.
Very fair points.
2) In Warband you'd only ever carry nonperishable foods anyway unless you found a great deal.
Although here I think is where the suggested processing system comes in, you would finally give use to perishable foods, eat it or process it and make a non perishable food. It would use most of the UI and some code from the crafting system so not too much work right there.
3) Keeping track of the number of trade goods we have for proper routes is a decent challenge as is and what you're proposing triples or more the amount of food goods.
I don't think introducing many new items would be a great thing either, just the basic ones would be enough. Keeping track of the goods wouldn't be much of a problem imo, you don't have to keep track of all the items just the ones that tend to be more profitable.
4) Isn't it implied/historical/common sense that soldiers cook food before eating it? You shouldn't eat grain raw.
Yes that's why I believe a system cooking/processing system would be a nice implementation.

I think that at least some points that @TKnight mentioned can make it to the base game, it doesn't seem to increase complexity more than it gives depth to the gameplay and feels intuitive it's not like diplomacy.


Sergeant at Arms
I remember the days when we only had rotten zombie flesh. You guys are lucky you have olive oil to mix with your grape flavoured oats.


I think this would just be more tedium and will just add to the clutter.

Do you really have to micromange everything including the camplng supplies? The amount of wood that your party is carrying? The tents and their materials? Just how far does it have to go?

At some point, the amount of small details the player manages becomes tedium. Bannerlord is a game, not an intense, real-life simulator.

This kind of thing should be left to modders for players that want to engage in this level of detail. It is unnecessary for the player to have to manage food to that degree when the whole point of having food in your inventory is to sustain your soldiers and the whole point of variety is to provide the morale boost.

No need to have the whole zoo and the entire Costco inventory available with the option to cook every single one with varying degrees of how well it is cooked. That's insanity.
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