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First of all I really like the siege battles and bartering with other lords to regroup my lands.
I got now quite a good amount of cities and castles with a fair amount of money due to loot sale, but due to my own modding improvements in game(more companions, clans parties/caravans allowed, In my opinion as long as you have the economy to face the expenses, you should be able to create parties/caravans/shops(but keeping the 3 shops/city max limit, of course), that should also be included in game), I'm meeting a problem, when I check the Finance square in my clan window for details, now I can't see all informations.

My wish would be to create a more detailed Clan Finance window, where you should be able to manage your cities, shops and caravans, by simple clicks on a clear grid, and for more realism, each action should make you send one of your main party's companion, to quarry the instructions to the caravan/settlement/shop you want to give to.

(Just tell me if what I wrote is understandable, still got issues with Englandishian!) 😅

That's all, I'm curious of your thoughts about this Idea, and eventually, I'll try to make a mod of it... we'll see...
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If I understood you right, you may be interested in these mods:
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