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More cross-training in perks

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Probably my favorite part of the game is "growing" characters. I like leveling the main character. I like training the companions and children. I like when the little "xxx skill has increased to xxx" line pops up. Heck, I sit through my companions fights in tournaments and even like it when I see enemy lords in a battle getting skill ups.

So I am happy that there are a few cross training perks already in the game, which benefit a different tree than the one being trained in. Athletics and Smithing have a bunch of them... you can get attribute points and focus points for other trees (strong arms, fencer smith, controlled/vigorous smith, etc). In the engineering tree there is a perk that increases your crossbow damage.

That stuff is great. I would like to see more of it... if for example, your main weapon is a polearm... lets have some reason to train up the skills in one and two handed as well, that would still benefit you while using the polearm. In other words, the cross trained character would be more powerful than the specialized character even when performing those specialized tasks.

There are a number of ambiguously described effects, for example, crossbow skills that SAY 'bonus to your ranged troops' but my understanding is that the code still applies these bonuses only to crossbow. But, I say, make those skills work the way they read, so that a party leader who is an expert bowman AND crossbowman will have a more profound effect on his crossbow troops than a party leader who only has skill in crossbow.
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