More Bandit like actions.


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If possible some mechanics could be added for Cities and inside Cities activities for thugs and thieves.

For exemple the ability for the player to steal things in stores or market places, if you are caught guards will try to catch you and if thugs are there, they can help you if they are on your side. Or if your renown is way into negative, guards will just let you be until Lords know about your wrong doings.

Same for overwhole build of EVIL so to say character, where you try to be the most Bandit like player, each negative renown should draw thugs and bandits to you so you can build low tier armies fast and easy *if you are into -300 renown for exemple*.

Also being able to build bandit caves where you can trully become an evil bandit king and try to conquer others by treachery and ransoms.

Being able to infiltrate cities via your thugs and their power in the city to cripple it's defenses and take over with little to none defense. Create raiding parties of bandits to catch cavarans, ambush them and steal their goods, then sell them via black market, which should also be in the game if possible in later stages.

And most importantly SLAVES! In warband they were only sold but never used, slaves must extremelly valuable to be a work force, in villiages, workshops or anything honestly. And as bandit it could also be fun to use them for mining or some activities that is surprising to me, aren't yet in the game, Farms are here, but mining sites aren't. Or be used in arena or sold, there are so much things that can be added for evil characters. Yes you can also roleplay, but it's very different than conquer calradia by evil means.

Sorry for a messy post, just glad we have a skill in late game for recruiting bandits, but i think it should be tied to negative renown than anything.


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There wasn't slaves in Warband...... they we 'ransomed' thats how come you don't see them in a labor camp and how come units re-spawn so fast, only Ramon actually sells slaves and he takes them away to a foreign land.
At least that what my companions thinks. They all throw a fit if you sell to ramun but don't care about the ransomer broker.


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I had a couple of mods that let you sell prisoners in the tavern. In one of my games I had a pack of manhunters and in battles against low level enemies I would order everyone to use blunt weapons. It made the capturing of prisoners almost like a business and business was good.