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Morale broken in Native?

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I've been trying bannerlord for a while and before that was mostly playing Viking Conquest, so its been a while since I played native. But...is morale broken in Native?

1) Participating in a castle siege and defeating the defenders doesn't seem to increase morale at all. This makes for a morale disaster if you join a kingdom, are summoned to an army, and the marshall goes around besieging castles.

2) I'm with the Swadians and the morale report is currently showing -8 for Vaegir troops and -5 for Nord troops. But we aren't at war with them any longer.

3) See above. -8 for Vaegir & -5 for Nord troops, but the only one of those troops I even have is a Vaegir horseman. I considered that this is possibly due to a companion that is native to those factions? But even if thats the case, at one point in the war with the Vaegirs I looked and my morale was suffering a -21 penalty for Vaegir troops when I had no Vaegir troops in my army. It doesn't seem possible to suffer a -21 penalty just because of companions. Also, since you can't use companions as governors or anything in Native the only way to get rid of them is to dismiss them. Along those lines, I feel it isn't real easy to know what factions all the companions come from and if you are constantly dismissing companions every time a new war starts it will be too hard t find them again after it ends.

What am I missing here?


Also, a major morale loss for falling in a siege battle kind of sucks anyways. If I don't join, but send my troops, I believe I lose more troops because they lose my bonuses (also, in RL it would look like their 'leader' is a coward). If I participate, there's a pretty decent chance I'll fall. If I join the battle, but hide in a corner, that would also make it look like you are a coward in RL. Plus, in one battle, at a town, in the final battle, it was me & 2 low level troops against 5 top level troops. The other 2 died quickly, so it was me surrounded by 4 top level troops. Then i take a heavy morale hit for what is, in essence, an automatic loss.
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