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(I used google translator. Its not a very good translation. sorry
It's best to look at point 3 right away

Hi. / Merhaba

I just shoot :

Mount and blade 2- is one of my favorite games, but ..

1. Why can I, in a city (and village) with a different culture, recruit an infinite number of soldiers and fighters from a foreign culture and start a war a little later - and use the hired foreign soldiers to attack the city (and village) from which they come and from which they were probably born ? ;=)
Why does none of them desert or refuse to fight against their own friends (family, compatriots)?

And if the city is conquered and an army of the same culture wants to take it back- why are the soldiers of the same culture in the city conquered by me (without my regular troops) fighting against their own people (army that wants to liberate them)?
Am I (the player/king) such a good powerful friend? or do they love me so much? ^^

2. After the end of the war - the just before enemies can just go into the towns (and villages) they were fighting and fill up with foreign soldiers, which they will probably bring with them soon to attack them again, if there is next war.

If that doesn't annoy you..

Unfortunately, I see the whole thing like this at the moment:

Everyone in the game(world) is a happy people - who wage civil wars and have no problem bringing friends into battle against their homeland. (Almost no humanity known to us present)
It wasn't even like that with the Vikings.. ^^

The rebellions alone are not enough. (There is the changing culture mod- it helps a little)

3. That's really missing :

Desertion and refusal to fight of the foreign soldiers in the army who have to attack their culture without being educated to do so from an early age ! :grin:

I personally would(pay4) buy the game again with the change!

greetings / selamlama



Hello again!
(this time behind the google translator text - orig. german)

Every man for himself!
Mother vs Son, Daughter, Sister, Brother..
Father as well - against his children (family) who have been married into other cultures. Siblings against each other kill.
People from the same place of birth who fight against their home country for a little money.
No one refuses, no one asks questions - for a few bucks they go into the death throes against their own people.

-Of course there is something like that - and there must be villains, otherwise there would be no desire for revenge.. ^^

With mercenaries you can understand it "well" but that everyone is so heartless and venal - definitely not..
Who wants to live in a world like that? ^^

Could it even be programmed (maybe modded) in such a way that someone from the same culture (maybe not "Nordman" and Aserai ^^)
doesn't want to fight against their own people and refuses to fight **(that not everyone is for sale)** or would it take too long to process?
(except: Clan wars, "civil wars" and almost understandable - mercenaries)

Fictional world is ok - but everyone in it - completely without morals, as if they were "monsters" or zombies (marionettes for sale)?
(couldn't it at least be a little different in the game?) :grin:

I will keep "praying" that this will be changed and that you don't have to feel that all people in the "game world"
except for a few nobles (until you bribe them ^^), who would follow you straight to "hell" for a little money-
that it looks a bit more "honorable", more decent!

The game "Mont & Blade"shouldn't just be liked - it should be loved! ;=)


Your arkadas

Hallo nochmal !

Jeder gegen jeden!
Mutter gegen Sohn, Tochter, Schwester, Bruder..
Vater genauso - gegen seine Kinder(Familie) die in andere Kulturen eingeheiratet worden sind. Geschwister die gegeneinander
Menschen aus dem gleichen Geburtsort, die gegen ihr Heimatland für bisschen Geld in den Kampf ziehen.
Niemand weigert sich, keiner stellt fragen - für paar Moneten gehen sie gegen eigenes Volk in den Todeskampf.
-Klar gibt es sowas - und Schurken muss es geben, sonst gebe es keine Rachegelüste. ^^
Bei Söldnern kann man es "gut" verstehen aber dass alle so herzlos und käuflich sind- definitiv nicht..

Wer will schon in so einer Welt leben? ^^

Könnte es überhaupt so programmiert(vielleicht gemodet) werden, dass jemand aus der gleichen Kultur(vielleicht nicht "Nordman" und
Aserai ^^) gegen eigenes Volk nicht kämpfen will und den Kampf verweigert **(dass nicht jeder käuflich ist)** oder würde es zu lange
dauern dies zu bearbeiten? (Clankämpfe, "Bürgekriege" und fast verständlich- Söldner ausgenommen)

Fiktive Welt ist ok- aber alle in ihr- ganz ohne Moral, als wären sie "Monster" oder Zombies(käufliche Marionetten) ?
(könnte es wenigstens in dem Spiel nicht bisschen anders sein?) :grin:

Ich werde weiter "beten", dass dies noch geändert wird und man nicht das Gefühl haben muss, dass alle Menschen in der "Spielwelt"
ausser paar Edelleute (bis man die besticht ^^), einen für bisschen Geld sofort in die "Hölle" folgen würden-
dass es bisschen "ehrenhafter", anständiger wirkt!

Das Spiel "Mount u. Blade2 " sollte nicht nur gemocht - sondern geliebt werden! ;=)


Dein Arkadas


Actually makes sense. I always try my best to make my army from units only in my culture for immersion but now that you mention it it's clear that it's something that needs to be changed.

I personally would not help any other country in a war against my country, I don't think anyone would "except a few"
so most of your soldiers (from enemy culture) should desert the second you go to war with that culture.

I think the coding is fairly simple, something along the lines of:
If players culture is NOT the same as enemies culture, and enemy culture is "Imperial", then %95 of Imperial troops leave party and garrisons.
and the AI should also try it's best to recruit from their own culture so that they don't run into these issues.

brilliant idea.
Very good idea. It would naturally balance the game against quick snowballing, because maintaining culturaly different cities would require more effort. Something like rebelions in occupied cities right now.
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