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Big Daddy Vitallion

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March of Rome Official is up and running!

Server Name: MoR_Official​
Location: France​
Slots: 100​
Server Host: Illuminati​

Server Owner: Lightning
Admin: Vitallion

The default game mode is battle, and the server will cycle through all available battle maps in the pool.​

Want to donate to help keep the server running? Lightning could really use that sweet dolla to help keep MoR Official up, as its practically the only battle server on the mod as most clans either lock their own servers or set them to deathmatch. If you want to donate, head onto paypal and donate to [email protected].
You contribution shall be posted here on the board, and much love will be sent your way from us big bois <3.​

If you have any complaints about a player or member of staff, please leave a complaint on this thread using the format below:​

Your in-game name:
Their in-game name:
Date the offense occurred:
Time the event took place:
Description of event:
Evidence (Logs/Video):
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