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monoolho's Animation [sub]mod for Gekokujo 3.1 [ver. 052]

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Welp, hallo there, my dearest infidels.

This is an animation compilation I have amassed through the ages.

I am uploading it here for anyone interested in more variety.

It should work with other mods easily, I think it does work with 1257ad, it used to, back in the day, so...

Here's the full readme:

monoolho's improved Animation mod! for Gekokujo 3.1 (0.5b)

Wat dis be?
jacobhinds' awesome mod opened my mouse to animations, and since I had done something similar some thousand generations ago before my hard drive died, I did it again, better and bigger.

What dis do?
It ADDS tons, TONS of animations to the game, adding much more variety. It DOES NOT replace any, simply adds more.

Which animetchuns?
It keeps animations from Gekokujo, adds jacobhinds' (which are amazing), and adds other animation mods from many winters ago, like Kegenki, Combat Animation Enhancement, Kunst des Fechtens - 2h Animations and Improved Animations, plus Gabrilduro's 1776's musket animations, and someone's amazing Yumi archer animation.

Should I use this?
Well, only if you would like more variety (and some special awkwardness here and there) while fighting, such as more stances and a bigger variety of slashes and thrusts.

Wat I do to work?
To install it:
1 - make a backup of your "actions.txt" in your gekokujo module folder;
2 - extract the Resource folder to your Gekokujo installation (the .brf files to your Modules/Gekokujo/Resource folder), overwrite if asked (it won't overwrite anything, only jacobhinds' if you have it, which will not cause anything at all, and possibly some gekokujo's files which I might have added by mistake, soon I may take them out).
3 - extract and overwrite the "actions.txt" file;
4 - Add the following lines to "module.ini" - anywhere, really, but it would be best to place it by the end, by the gekokujo resources (load_mod_resource = gekokujo_somethingsomething):

#### Neat Animations ####
load_mod_resource = actions_mod
load_mod_resource = jacobhinds_animations_gekokujo
load_mod_resource = jacobhinds
load_mod_resource = skeletons1
load_mod_resource = skeletons
load_mod_resource = skeletons_2h
load_mod_resource = new_animations
load_mod_resource = custom_animations_1776
load_mod_resource = 1257_ani
load_mod_resource = ani_crouch_down
load_mod_resource = ani_low_walk
load_mod_resource = japan_osp_anim
#### Neat Animations ####

And now you are set! Just hop into the game and watch a fight.

No problum?
Known Issues:
- Some animations play too fast on some weapons because of the weapon's speed and end up being silly or awkward, it's not that common and doesn't cause much of a commotion, but it happens;
- Due to the nature of different stances, it may be very hard to know where the blow will come from, so if you use manual defense, you're in for a world of pain for the next 2 hours or so - unless you got ultra quick reflexes, like Bruce Lee, if so, you'll be fine;
- Something else I forgot;
- Some animations might be completely, utterly, wrong, if so, tell me so I can fix it up.

Thank you, for choosing monoolho's Mods, we hope you had a pleasant download and hope you come back for more. Enjoy your play!

Should you find any bugs or whatever, OR, should you consider yourself offended that I used your work or someone else's without full pledged credit, please tell me and I will do my best to fix the situation.

THIS IS VERY MUCH UNDER TESTING, so, if you would be so kind as to tell me where I should focus some attention, it would be much appreciated.

Here's the file, the instructions are somewhat clear. If anything is amiss or wreaking some havoc, don't hesitate to tell me.

051 - Fixed some missing kicks.
052 - Added the skeletons.brf to the file.
Interesting. Have you tried downloading it again? Might have been some corrupt download, I'll look into it further.
hmmm am i supposed to have a skeleton.brf file? not skeleton1 but just skeleton. i'll see how removing the line saying to load that file works.
I think I may have forgotten to add the file to the .rar. I guess I assumed it was default on resource folder (though mine is slightly changed with more anims).

Removing the line from the .ini should load the game, but about 4 anims should be missing.

I'll fix it and upload it tomorrow.

EDIT: Added the skeletons.brf, should work fine now. You may need to overwrite the module's file, if there is one.
Link in the OP or here http://www.mediafire.com/download/f1wtrv72ga3xtqm/mono+actionmod+g31-052.rar
i like it. definitely an overall positive opinion of the mod, love the variety it adds. my main complaints are with the speed of some of them (at times, the flourishes are too fast with some animations and the slowmo death fall animations are a little awkward) and some clipping while on horseback. specifically, one of the left hand side sword swipes and polearms passing through my character's head while riding.

like i said though, i dig it. probably be using this mod for the foreseeable future.
gebhard001 said:
Is there a way to add a string of animations for each move? Would add a lot of diversity to even have two or three motions for the same move. For example, dragging from bottm left upward to strike from the left and/or keeping the default animation as a horizontal strike, then it cycles between the two randomly?

Also, I'm interested in new animations! Please upload screenshots / videos! Thanks~!

ps: im pretty happy with the animations atm. I have Geko 3.0 and Sego 3.0 installed and its pretty solid! Only small thing I dislike animation-wise are when you're running too slow (with katana) you have the default run from Native rather than the modified one when you're going faster. And the attack from the left looks like Native, too, same with overhead.
gebhard001 said:

Jin's style of fighting is really good and i'd liek to see a lot more animations like his. also someone else suggested keeping it sheathed. i think that'd be viable for your first attack, to draw it from the sheathe then keep it out in the sword stance in front of you for a few seconds while in combat and if you go idle, it resheathes.

haha 3 threads about animations sorry just reposting my questiosn and thoughts here
I installed and I am getting weird animations.. he either just stands still while attacking or puts both his arms out like he wants to fly. I'm using Geko 3.0 and not 3.1 maybe thats it?
gebhard001 said:
I installed and I am getting weird animations.. he either just stands still while attacking or puts both his arms out like he wants to fly. I'm using Geko 3.0 and not 3.1 maybe thats it?

Same issue.

EDIT: Except that I am using 3.1
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