Mongol Series Rise Of Gengis Khan Help And Few Bugs

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I Finished The Native Mode Long Time Ago.Now On To This Mod.What The Hell Am I Supposed To Do In This Mod.Where Is Genghis khan (Temujin) Any Guide Will Be Helpful.I Read That Temujin Will Be A Claminant To A Throne. :neutral:
Man What I Cant understand This.

I Find Some Listed Below
1)In The Battle Where The Hell Is My Health Bar :evil:
2)When Horse Moves He Makes No Sound :roll:
3)When Ever I Go To Hero He Says The Same Story As In Native Mode. :shock:
4)Some Lords Are Missing They Are Not In Game :lol:


Hulagu Khan

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There is confusion with the name of the mod you are playing.

You are playing the old mongol mod which is now obsolete.

There are many bugs and glitches in that mod, my fault mainly, nothing can be done about it.

1. There are no health bars  :neutral:
2. Yes, a glitch im aware of.
3. Again, "old mongol mod", dialog was not modified.
4. Noted
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