Mongol Obsolete (Download)

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-If you have Mongol Delta - DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS MOD, it's the same mod
-If you've downloaded Rise of Genghis Khan 1.01 - delete it and download this mod, loss of sound when riding horses was fixed (among other glitches), my fault for it being there in the first place sorry.

♐ Download: Mongol Obsolete

Mongol Mod Team (disbanded): Mertbey, Pali Gap, Kongol Khan, Wei.Xiadi

This mod was previously known as Mongol in its Delta stage. I have renamed it to Mongol Obsolete because we, a newer team, are working on Mongol: Rise of Genghis Khan which will be very similar to this mod, but much better, a lot more detailed, with many more features and it will be finished.

Since the old Mongol Mod Team disbanded, Mongol Obsolete will not be worked on any further. If you are experiencing any bugs or glitches, you may report it but do not expect them to be fixed. See below for a list of known bugs.

This mod is based in (approximately) the early 1200's AD in ancient Mongolia. This mod has been re-released to entertain and keep people interested in the things to come, while we work on future Mongol mods.

■ New map
■ New animations
■ New weapons/armor textures
■ New face textures
■ All NPC's have Asian faces
■ Castles/Cities/Villages renamed
■ All NPC's renamed
■ All factions renamed
■ New menu texture
■ New sounds

■ Asian face codes are not broad; a band of 10 Mongols may look cloned.
■ Minor sound issues; No noise when striking a shield & sometimes no slashing noises.
■ Majority of the dialogue is Native.
■ A couple impassible areas on map, nothing severe but can be annoying.
■ Quest dialogues (among others) are wrong; shouldnt prevent you from knowing the right dialog (if familiar with the game)

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