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I've been playing as a mercenary captain and recently swore allegiance to the Kingdom of Hungary. A while after that, the Golden Horde declared war against us and I was forced into a battle with a Mongol warlord. I must say that I was a little dismayed at the lack of historical equipment they wielded, at least they look more like Khergits from the Native module. If there is a new version on the works I would suggest investing a little more time in the design of the two Mongol factions (Il-Khanate and Golden Horde) and their armour, equipment and so on.


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Due to a lack of sources Mongol equipment cannot be displayed with a great variety. However, the two Mongol Ospreys aren't bad in what they guess for a lack of proper knowledge, and a while ago I even found this guy ( with a couple of photographs. Speaking of photographs, there was some Genghis Khan exhibition in the US according to the images I found on the web when browsing for arrow quivers (like this made of birch wood bark:,%20arrows,%20quiver.JPG) and bow cases. Some pictures (don't know why the thumbnails don't work, I found the large image via Google) of it can be found in this picasa gallery:


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royfang said:
How about this armor?

That looks somewhat more fantastical than historical. Still somehow I saw a orange Link resemblance . . .
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