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I was thinking about monasteries.. I dont know if this was true that they May had few armed Guards to Protect the priests... I saw it in the Vikings tv show.. (I know that its not historical accurate).

I think it would be nice if the monasteries in game had a couple of guards, they are too easy to raid and sometimes you get big amount of money.. Maybe this could balance it a bit.. There should not be 30 or 50 guards, but 8-10 men.

I dont know if you like this idea.. And its fine og you dont wanna make this.. It was just a suggestion :smile:

Oh and why do i have to have certain amount of men just to raid a monasterie.. Please remove that.. I i wanna raid it with 3 og 12 men, i should be able to raid when i want too
The reason for them being easy to raid is that it is balanced out in the fact that you'll soon find yourself at war with every Christian kingdom in the game and unable to find peace. The reason you can't raid with 5 or so men is that with a number that small it would be more than likely you'd be quickly stopped but the Devs didn't want that scenario to occur, so you need at least a moderate amount of men. I think it's pretty balanced, take the quick cash for eternal war
Personally regardless of the consequences 5-6 lightly armed guards would enhance raiding monasteries a little.

Also - if the Devs add in sea raiding of villages as requested a similar (but larger number) of militia defenders would also enhance the experience.

Basically content such as this suggested will enhance the gameplay of being a small raiding band by giving more "action" to acts of raiding/looting.
I also like the idea of having 10 or so guards per monastery. Perhaps the villages could get some low-tier militia units to act as guards as well?
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