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Ok, this will be the last time I ask.

Still having issues with some of the horseback animations that are not listed in the module file, but are used in game. 

Does anyone have knowledge about the animation flags?
How does the game do horseback cheering, there is no animation for that listed.
any other info on the subject would be greatly appreciated.



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I think I came across something that could fix that  :grin:



it would go like this?

["cheer_new", acf_synch_with_horse,

  [6.0, "man_cheer", 0, 185, arf_blend_in_5],
  [3.0, "man_cheer", 200, 289, arf_blend_in_5],
  [4.5, "man_cheer", 300, 437, arf_blend_in_5],
  [5.5, "man_cheer", 450, 617, arf_blend_in_5],


untested. :grin:


Thanks Chel, but that didn't work.  I'm not actually sure what that does.  I also tried acf_enforce_lowerbody, but again, he still moves into the horse when he swings/cheers.  I started with an existing animation (in this case the lance thrust release), and have tried this:

["release_joust", acf_enforce_lowerbody|acf_parallels_for_look_slope|acf_anim_length(100)|acf_rotate_body|acf_synch_with_horse|acf_thrust|acf_enforce_rightside,
  [0.61, "anim_human", combat+9510, combat+9540, blend_in_release],],

Does the order matter?
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