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Summary: New update has been downloaded. Continuing campaign will result in getting a pop up regarding "Module Mismatch" and quote "These modules versions are different: Native Multiplayer SandBox Core Sandbox CustomeBattle Storymode."

It will then prompt a question. "Do you want to load the saved game with different modules?" If I hit yes the game will begin to load only only to crash around the half way point.

Hard restarting doesn't seem to help as well as reinstalling the game.(have tried both multiple times this weekend.)

Id really prefer to not have to start over but I understand if this issue isn't of importance, just not sure if everyone is having the same problem.

Additional info: While the main menu shows v1.1.0.13441 the Modules in the Saved Games/Campaigns shows each Modules in the top right corner to be v1.0.3.9055

It's currently showing on Xbox as Version 1.0..16.0 with no current available updates.

How to Reproduce: Loading into any save of my three current save files
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Does this issue happens on new campaign saves as well? Module mismatch warning is normal because the save file you are trying to load is not on the current version you are playing. But the crash is unusual.
No, I started a new campaign as a test and its seems to be able to load in and out. This save however does show the updated Module info in the Saved Games section. No crashes to report on the new Campaign either only the one with the outdated Module in Saved Games.
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