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Modplosion Reboot!

Alright, the messy collection of my scripts and experiments that pass as a mod became a lot more popular then I have expected. You can simply forget about another bug fix or a new version before the new version graces our harddisk. For now I'm planning ahead of it, when the Mount&Blade finally completes I'll start it with actually working on Modplosion's playability and stability aspects in mind. This thread is supposed to be a suggestion list by you and what you want in it.

This means I'll give a damn about what you have to say this time.

Anyway the looong list of what will be done.

Old stuff to keep;
-Zendar will be ported with all its glory and probably will be further expanded.
-Political System will be further explored, but the basic Letters System (that start war or peace) will remain as it is.
-Perks will be overhauled, the wonkiness of the pop-up menu is still one of my primary concerns, so they will be probably moved to War Academy.
-The Random Party creation and its tracking is wacked up beyond belief and I don't think it will be feasible to re-write in future, some sort of random encounter system will be implemented instead.
-Moar complicated Character Creation. I would like to make your lives as miserable as possible. (This will probably include random stat rolls oldshcool way!)
-A working regional troops system :razz:
-Bank system.

New stuff to do;
-Game Tiers; Game will change drastically depending on which Tier you are and they will be divided by clear barriers;
Ascension Tier; From a unknown adventurer to you ascend to Nobility by means of brute force and earning favours for big factions. The normal early game where you work your way to become a vassal. It will be artificially longer, needing more renown and favour among other things to become a vassal. My primary objective is to provide quests at Zendar until level 5.

Unification Tier; You will fight for your king to conquer all the cities and castles for him. The vanilla late game.

Regicide Tier; After conquering all of the Calradia you will be able build your own fortress. And once your fortress is built you will be able declare yourself the king of Calradia. Given you take all the cities you have conquered for your King for yourself this time. Bandits will also get new troops.

End Times Tier; Once you have gone through all the trouble conquering all the cities twice, invaders from mainland will try their luck again. Nord, Harlaushian and Geroian invaders will make landfall. This is the end of the game as large armies will be chasing you all around the map making it unlikely for you to survive at all. Also bandits will get their party templates buffed.

(the entire tier system or most of it, maybe scrapped)

-Uniqified(?) Cities. Each will have a couple of point interest (Fishermen Guild in Werhceg, Library in Rivacheg, etc.)
-New Construction Options (Trade Outpost, Inn, Siege Encampent, Your own fortress), number of buildings you can built for each time will be dependant on a skill, numbers given are minimum;

Trade Outpost (2); Several spots for forestry or hunting dot Calradia. Should you build Trade Outposts in such locations you will provide little money and raw metarials. Will decrease price of other buildings.

Inn(2); Building an inn just outside a city or on a trade route will provide some cash.

Siege Encampment(can only have one at a time, demolish after you are done); You will be able build an encampment so you can garrison troops. During the siege you can rotate your troops to always have fresh bunch to throw at enemy. However they will fall apart in a month (perhaps their durability will be linked to your skills) and anyone left in garrison will disband.

Hideout (2); A secret hideout in wilderness and you have to post a few guards to make it permanent otherwise it will fall apart, not to mention other curious wanderers that might walking in. There you can stash your goods and rest. It may even have more uses.

Fortress(can only have one); You can convert one of the your castles into a Fortress City. It will eventually grow a small town around it from which you can rise your own custom army (2 troop types with 2 tiers, 2 troop types at top tier by default). Also it will need blacksmith, fletcher and other assorted mediaeval sh*t...

-Fortress will require several other buildings to function. And when you construct it, game will advance to Regicide Tier. All your fiefs will be given back to your faction leader, you will be kicked from your faction and they will become hostile. However don't despair, your Fortress will nigh untouchable and provide lots of services needs four basic resources Wood, Stone, Metal and Slaves.

These building can be built any time when you have enough money (but only once, so plan ahead where you are going to place your Fortress). They will generate money instead of resources, so you won't have to drag them around. However you can commit your soldiers to any of the task to get resources for yourself. They will however require slaves to function the number represents the minimum number, extra slaves will yield extra resources. Mind their numbers as they will probably get hurt or killed while working, so restock them from time to time.

-Stone Quarry (50); Needed for expansions of any kind, must be build before Fortress itself.
-Wood Cutters (30); Needed for expansions and production of certaion weapons, must be build before Fortress itself.
-Iron Mine (60); Needed for weapon and armour production.
-Slave Pen (20); Not really needed at all. But you can practically garrison infinite number of slaves.

Now the Fortress buildings;
Fortress; You will need stone and wood incoming and you will have to deposit lots of gold and slaves to the construction site.

Keep; It will come by default when Fortress is built. Your advisor will act as a faction leader in terms of game mechanics. He will handle political and domestic stuff while you freely bash other peoples heads.

Large Keep; This upgrade will require functioning Stone Quarry and Wood Cutters. It will add cosmetic stuff and another set of advisors, Military Advisor will increase the rate of recruits and unlock elite troops. Economic Advisor will unlock certain productions.

Blacksmith; Will require functioning Stone Quarry and Wood Cutters. And Iron mine to function. Basically it will build weapons and armour for your army. When it is inactive you cannot recruit soldiers. Fletcher add on will allow you to arm your units with ranged weaponry and polearms.

Armoury; Will require functioning Stone Quarry and Wood Cutters. And Iron mine to function. It will not replace Blacksmith it will be required to recruit elite soldiers. When it is inactive you cannot recruit elite soldiers. Has several upgrades that allow you to built better weapons and armour if you have an Academy (Advanced Foundries that will allow you to equip better versions of the same item.. etc)

Barracks; Comes with Fortress. Its where your troops can be recruited and their equipment can be costumized.

Warriors Tower; Will require functioning Stone Quarry and Wood Cutters. It will allow recruitment elite troops. Conscription Office will add 2 to 6 of your custom troops to your garrison every week and 6 Elites every two weeks.
Farmer Guild;  This is where you can build various things to make your peasants work harder and supply your army with food.

-Cattle Farming; Allows Blacksmith's build leather armour, increases food stocks with meat
-Distillery; Increases food stocks with alcoholic beverage and a revenue boost for all your Inns.
-Advanced Agriculture; Requires an academy. A big boost to taxes, since farmers have better harvest.

Academy; You need to educate people, but not too much. Will require functioning Stone Quarry and Wood Cutters. Will function as War Academy in Zendar. As well as allowing certain upgrades at other buildings. Will add passive training abilities to your garrison.

Arena; Will attract mercenaries. Needs slaves to function, otherwise will only allow a small number of leveled up troops in barracks. (Complicated, huh, basically when it has more then five slaves, it will allow you to acess a menu that has random recruits from all factions. However once built it will always cause an increased number higher tier troops in barracks).

Treasury; Will increase the amount of taxes you receive. And have large storage area to hoard your treasures.

-Wound/Death/Disease Things. Also I'll try to include a vat-grown clone... ehrm, “Heir” system if I can get death/retirement working.

-Language Barrier; While Traders and Inn keepers speak Common inhabitants of towns only speak their native language* (walkers, village elders and guildmasters, armour and weapons merchants). If you visit (or capture even) a village whose language you cannot speak you won't be able to trade or recruit. Six languages;
Common; A simplified version of Khergit mixed with Swadian, Vaegir, Nord and Rhodok. Almost everyone speaks it.
Swadian, Vaegir, Nord, Khergit and Rhodok. Also Harlaushian and Georian, but will be needed much later.
You start with Common and the language of your faction (if you chose to belong one). After that you will need to learn it with help of a tutor it will also require high Intelligence.
No. Foreign Language Intelligence Requirement

*Zendar uses Common, in case you start as a total stranger.

With the language barrier comes a new funny things to do with fiefs. Well, not really funny... once conquered you can forcefully convert the inhabitants (requires relations with which Temple your faction worships (takes three months) or Enslave and replace the population (requires relations with Slavers Guild (with Ramun being the guild master :razz:) a massive decrease in renown, but hey you get loads of money and slaves!). Or just tell them you are the new Lord of the town and carry on as in Native.


Every Faction will have a Temple (well and if you read it, I'm following my own Zendar Nights timeline (Which is also the Anacrhonists History Of Calradia)  you know some factions have sh*tloads of Temples and Saints). Praying or donating money there won't cause divine intervention or one way ticket to Heaven, instead you will need to be in their good graces in order to benefit from peoples... ehrm, to make your life as a ruler easier.

-If it won't be in Native, it will allow you to build a Temple in villages which will act as a Sanctuary, when your villages are raided they will be normalized faster.
-You will be needed to have good relations with Factions Temple to become a vassal.
-Also in order to convert captured cities (which will destroy Language Barrier and certain penalties if they are from a different culture) you need good relations with them.
-However during Regicide Tier you can start your own Religion!

And no, Rhodoks won't be Buddhists and no direct Real World Religion to Calradian Religion translations. And maybe a River Pirate island that worships Flying Spaghetti Monster :razz:

Gypsy Caravans;
Remember the Gypsy in Zendar? Now there is caravan full of them wandering Calradia. But they are not the outcasts and thieves that lurk around the city walls. Fortune tellers, dancers, singers, musicians... Gypsies are ally to nobody, nor enemy to anyone. When you encounter them the Caravan leader will allow you to benefit one of their services then quickly disappear before anyone sees you doing business. In times of they have to keep their neutrality!

Fortune Teller; She will not bother you with lies. She knows every gossip about almost everyone in Calradia. She will update info on many things for a a price.

Feast; At cost of a fair price they will hold a feast which will increase your parties morale. However you may end up paying more then what you bargained for.

Enchantress; She will sell you charms and unique items that you cannot find anywhere else;
Perfume; Will increase Persuasion by 1.
Sturdy Sack; Will increase Looting by 1.
Silent Boots; Will increase Subterfuge by 1.
Spyglass; Will increase Scouting by 1.
Scales; Will increase Trade by 1.
Soothing Balm; Will increase First Aid by 1.
Signal Flags; Will increase Tactics by 1.

Old Hag; Old hag will sell variety of poisons and trinkets, combined with tactics and/or subterfuge skill they will have varying effects;
-Rot Syrup; With 3 points in Subterfuge you can poison food supplies of a Town or Castle. It will quickly dissolve any foodstuff.
-Choking Dust; With 5 points in Subterfuge you can poison a Lord during parleys. It will allow you to retreat by sacrificing half the men you would normally need to cover your retreat.
-Cage with diseased rats; With 4 points in Tactics you can poison food supplies of a Town or Castle as well as causing some casualties.
-Cage with oil soaked rats; My favourite Imaginary Ottoman Siege Weapon. Simple, you have rats soaked in oil, you let them loose towards the enemy city near its gates and set them on fire. It will cause casualties in the defending garrison if you have 6 points Tactics.


-Decrease bandit ambush in cities, however add “Assassination Attempts”. Lords that hate you will send assassins after you!
-Lords will be ransomed for Gold or Silver instead of Denars.
-Hopefully you will be able prison Lords in Cities.
-Subterfuge Skill. Will allow you to retreat with less men sacrificed, access to certain abilities during siege and probably many other options tied to it somehow.

Ideas For Points Of Interest In Cities;

-Thieves Guild, Several Types; 
*Will have unique items for sale.
*Will reduce the wealth of a targeted Lord.
*Will reduce prosperity of a targeted Town (I don't know what can it be good for but sounds cool)
-Assassins Guild; Several Types;
*Attack other Lords will either inflict casualties to his army or cause a “Lord Defeated” effect, or maybe even remove the Lord altogether!
*Will attack garrisons and inflict casualties.
*Will poison food supplies of a Town or Castle (reduce the food remaining in stocks, 90 days of siege is literally impossible as we all know it).
-Redlight district; Let's face it, Calradia needs at least one.
-Library; I hate hunting for booksellers, Library (or Libraries) will have a different selection of books then random booksellers and they will be equally expensive.
-Master Craftsmen: A master craftsman will sell high quality weapons he has mastered in (ie. Hrun The Master Of Axe in Sargoth will sell only high quality axes)

Road Plan;
-Sit on your ass and wait for M&B retail.
-Sit some more on your ass and wait until it is stabilized. In the meantime do some modelling.
Internal Alpha;
-Get Zendar back in the game with all the related stuff.
-Do Gypsy Caravan and all the items (with related options).
-Do the points of interest at least one in a city (with all related options).
-Basic Constructions.
Alpha 1 Release
-Fix Bugs
Alpha 2 Release
-Fix Bugs
-Do the fortress.
-Do the language barrier and Religion stuff.
Alpha 3 Release
-Fix Bugs
-Do traits, perks and other stuff related to game_ scripts (this will be the longest part and require dedicated tester, as these were the sole source of problems with Modplosion.).
Alpha 4 Release
-Fix Bugs
-Add everything you think its worthy.
Beta 1...9999;
-Fix Bugs
-Consume other mods.
-Consume even more mods.
-Tell your children how much time you have wasted on this thing.

Anything to add?


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uhm... it is not my mod, it is a native feature, I just made it accessible... it will be probably unlocked with the next patch anyway :razz:


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Where do I download this,I saw the first one but something happened,you took it off i think?


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I'm expecting you guys to come up with moar ideas then salivating at the list :razz:

Perks will be learned form War Academy and each will have multiple requirements (check the list here; http://wiki.streetofeyes.com/index.php?title=Modplosion_Perks).

For example;
Slaver Perk will require you to be at least level 5 and have 4 points in Prisoner Management.
Motivator perk will require you to be at least level 5, 3 points in leadership and 10 Charisma.

And some passively learned Perks;
Siege Expert; You have to conquer 5 towns or castles to gain this perk, it will help you when you ask castle/town commanders to surrender.
Conqueror; You will need to conquer 10 towns or castles to gain this one, it will further increase your chances to make the castle surrender.

Follow this format if you can when making suggestions;

The villages you are looting will come together and look for a hero to get rid of you. This 'Nemesis' has only one thing in his mind, your utter destruction.
How it works;
He will follow you on the world map, try to kill you in cities and sabotage your efforts. Only way to get rid of him is finding help from someone knows where is his base. Once defeated in his base Nemesis will be removed completely.

Heir; (note it may not happen, even thought I'm %99 percent sure it can be done via the retirement menu)
You will learn that you have a sibling from an accident in your previous life. You will come across his/her mother/father and marry him/her. When you decide to retire from your life as an adventurer he/she will take your place.
How it works;
-As above your Heir appears out of thin air and replaces your character, clean and simple.
-You get married, have a child, retire and forced to wait for about a year in warp speed and your character is replaced.

Siege Equipment;
Those will be available as merchandise in Zendar.
-Supply Wagon; will "reload" arrows and bolts of your men in two minute periods during sieges (And act as inventory chest for you. Direct rip-off from Heroes of Might an Magic :razz:).
-The Handbook of Futuristic Sapper; will allow your men to build wider ladders and siege towers with shields for the men who are pushing it.
-Boulder Hauling Wagon; will allow you to further bombard the castle/town you are attacking. Will inflict a random number of casualties.


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Hmm... I haev moar ideas!

Equipment Degeneration Destruction
Your equipment maybe destroyed as a result repeated bashing! Although you won't notice it in the heat of battle your equipment maybe be actually useless!
-Armour (all kinds, as well as ranged weapons, you know, they are not the most durable things); Depending on your health remaining when the battle ends.
-Weapon (Expect Thrown and shields, given shields have their own hit points); Depending on how many enemies you have killed or wounded.
-Items will be destroyed by chances, also that will happen after battle, so you don't have to worry about losing your items in the middle of battle. "Early Game Is Too Difficult" syndrome will be avoided (probably by supplying cheap weapons somehow).

I absolutely hate the low number of recruits, I'd have a 90 men party, get 70 of them killed, stop at a couple of towns and have a 90 men party again, like it used to be in distant past... That was something I have almost entirely skipped on previous versions because I was too interested in super specialized, super costing mercenaries. Conscription is basically forcing people from villages and towns to your army. It will require town to be at least Average and each Conscription will decrease the prosperity.
(This will probably be more complicated then just that, I'm thinking of adding "Slaves for Soldiers" trade. Actually "Hiring" troops (for example you give 2000 denars get 40 men then you will have to return 40 men to the town or suffer a big relation penalty))

Outdoor Skills
You will be able hunt for food... okay it sounds stupid. A Button to spend several hours on world map to have foodstuff added to inventory. Yeah, that sounds less manly then "Kill food", "Kill to eat" or "hunt to survive".

Pirate Island
People have been suggesting to add Zendar back in by moving it to an island and infesting with river pirates in the wake of .950. Well, Zendar is a must have in Modplosion. And I really love the idea of Pirate Island! Thought I'll probably stay the hell away from Ship to Ship combat (yes I can do it, but even the thought of AIs movement problems without an AI mesh gives me headache, but still maybe without navigating the ship). So I'll bring back River Pirates with their own island. Thus the ship code in native will be used at least.
-It will be "Grinding Grounds" for low levels (if they choose to start there, a couple of quests and then transport to mainland)
-A couple of Pirate Coves for low-level sieges, thought Coves will not change hands and will be repopulated by Pirates.
-Another series of quests about the treasure of a legendary River Pirate. Arrr!
-And if you get crushed in battle you might end up as a galley slave in that island (probably attached to a quest rather then happening by chance each time you are defeated and captured).


Cant the pirates be more...piratey? in the over the top, sterotypical way that we all know and love?

Parrot on the shoulder item/hat thing?
Eyepatches and peg legs?

Anyway, looking forward to this, I was depressed when I could not find zendar...It was like an old friend...


I don't think you should put in weapon destruction. I personally think it would be annoying. Maybe make it optional.


Maybe have items called wagons you can buy and put in your inventory that can increase your inventory management skill?  If you do that, make them heavy, maybe, so they slow your party down.


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I don't think you should put in weapon destruction. I personally think it would be annoying. Maybe make it optional.

I'm thinking of no weapon destruction untill lvl 10 or so, by then players tend to have the best possible equipment they want and never ever have to worry about shopping anymore. Thought making it optional is easy, I'd definitely make a switch for it.

Lances should at least have a chance of breaking.

Lances will either count as weapons (damage delivered) or armour (damage received, like bows and xbows) or both when it comes to breaking.

Maybe have items called wagons you can buy and put in your inventory that can increase your inventory management skill?  If you do that, make them heavy, maybe, so they slow your party down.

Sure there will be an item giving +1 for each skill, but instead of slowing party down it will be expensive and/or hard to find.

Parrot on the shoulder item/hat thing?
Eyepatches and peg legs?

Double eye patches, double peg legs, double hooks and double parrots... why not but the main stream pirate troops will only have only one of them.

The Old Stuff I Have Long Forgotten

-Gifts to Lords; Some high quality items and valuable metals and stones can be given to Lords to increase your favour. In addition to that Town Merchants will sell the best of what they are producing (ie. The Bestest Wine, Finest Iron... etc.) to be given Lords.
-Festivities; The whole damn calender thing.
-Plunder; Why bother with siege while you can infiltrate with some of your companions (tied with Subterfuge skill) and steal from the Keeps treasury? (Will have some sort of cool down to avoid player doing that daily)
-Random Encounters; You will come across a bandit hideout or ruins that have nasty inhabitants and shiny objects to loot (Tied to outdoor skills of party and some luck).


Haha! I now have an opportunity to suggest something. Make the doors actually open instead of having to load another map each time.

And Bar Fights too!


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Haha! I now have an opportunity to suggest something. Make the doors actually open instead of having to load another map each time.

Eight Ball says "Fat Chance! But not impossible."

And Bar Fights too!

Hmm... that's a sound idea, probably as a random encounter (like ransom broker, bookseller, etc.), where you will have to put down a drunk to increase your relations with the said town.


add fringes in the door models so they will open.

also, since you mentioned hunting (love the idea) make this more like another paleolithic survival mod for.903 or port it to next stable version. Oh, and be randomly attacked by bears and wolves.

add crafting so you can have a reason not to sell furs, velvet, linen, etc. Seriously, they need a point too.


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Replaying some Might and Magic stuff, too bad some of the stuff in those games are used recent games;

Those are not your companions, nor soldiers, they don't contribute to your party directly (ie. Party skills or taking part in combat). You will probably need to find them and have certain requirements to have them follow you. In game they will follow your party on the world map, should you need help, you will need to talk to them. They will also remain neutral to everyone, so you won't have to worry about their safety. You will be able have two followers then with help of skills or perks this can go up to four. (numbers will probably be different)

Followers (Business Partners; They won't ask for money as they will be somehow making money behind the mess you leave);

They will pick up wounded, you otherwise thought dead and send them back to Zendar. They will give you a fraction of their profit. (Very small amounts of money).

Travelling Minstrel;
He will write songs about your victories and help with party morale. (A little morale boost every night and +3 renown after every battle)

When you loot a village or capture a castle/town they will go in after you are done. You can set how ruthless they will be and then you can take what you want from their hoard.
-Go through where we have been; They will search the places you and your men been through. No penalties.
-Take what can be taken with minimum violence; They will go loot shops, storages and rich peoples houses, leaving commoners alone. (some extra relation penalties, minimum renown loss (10-20))
-Take whatever you can carry; They will try to loot whatever they can. (Severe renown penalty (20-30) and some wealth loss to the targeted fief).

Mad Hermit;
He has decided you are a Living Saint. He will follow you everywhere, he sometimes will say things to rise spirits of your men or a word of wisdom... but not always. At the end of every week Mad Hermit will say or do something with a positive or negative effect of the following;

-Madman Experience; He will say something that makes sense despite how detached it may sound. Or so you think... Gives or take Xp points from 200 to 1000.

-Insane Martial Arts; He will show you a wild move with some of the wooden weapons he dubbed "Holy Relics", his persistence about how effective they are will make their place in your mind. Gives or takes 30 points worth of WP from a random weapon kind.

-Sermon Of Apocalypse; He will start a ceremony of his own twisted religion. He says if the nature of the men is the cause of all wars, the only way of achieving peace is the destruction of mankind. While it makes sense and adds a different philosophic look to your way of thinking, it actually suggests destruction of all humanity. Thought that may ease your mind about the ongoing war...
Gives or takes 1 Intelligence Point and Party Morale.

-The Books Of Living Saint; He hoards stuff you left behind, didn't bother picking up. He collects scraps of paper, metal and even dirt from your battlefields. He simply collects garbage left behind. Some times he comes across interesting things... There is a %33 chance (if this effect is chosen) he will give you one of the books instead of some random junk.
*Books Of The Living Saint Volume I-IV: The Books of Living Saint is a essentially a collection of scrapped papers and pages from other books. Carefully put together by author Hermit The Mad. If you can read through one you will notice they are actually important parts from variety of books about War and Politics. When you have read all four of them you can ask him for the last Volume. Each book will give bonus to certain skills.

Travelling Merchant; Following you both provides exceptional protection and opportunities to conduct business. What can be more profitable then selling wheat to the farmers you have just stripped naked?
In return he will buy any kind of junk you want to get rid of, his money reserve will increase when you visit a settlement.

Followers (Support Staff; They will ask for monthly payments or available for life time contracts)

Cooks food. Simple. Give her ingredients and she will give you back better food stuff. Also carries some food to sell.

Will decrease the odds of item destruction, he is also seeking to master his art, he will occasionally have unique items to sell.

Commoners that are bound to serve you. They will carry a greater yurt which will replace your normal one. Accessed Camp Menu, it has two chests to act as extra storage space. In addition to that you can have dinner at cost of some food to increase your party morale (that will have greater effect if you also have Cook).

There are several kinds, each will provide a bonus to a set of skills as long as they on the pay roll.
-Logistic; Will add several bonuses to Inventory management, party size and payments to army.
-Militant; Will add Combat skill bonuses.
-Politic; Will add Charisma skill bonuses and more recruits will turn up in villages.

Also new combat skills, will be probably tied to perks;
Give me your arrows!
-Standing close to an archer and pressing "some key on keyboard" will refill your quiver. However you can only do it two times.

Horse Speaker
-By shouting you can call a horse. A generic shout you hope some horse trainer used while taming. A random horse without a rider will come towards you, if your horse is not able to. (I think that one is possible).

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