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Hello, 👋

I'm new as regards modding, and I would like to create a "native mod like", but which would be more realistic. The first element I would like to modify is the flow of time in the game. The speed of time isn't to be modify, I just want to set that a year in game is not made up of 80 days, but is 365 days. Next, I would like to set that heroes grow old like us in real life, because babies and people grow old to fast in this game. :roll:🕰️

Baby = 9 months
Kids needs to await 12 years to be ready to enter in our party
Heroes as to wait 365 days to take a year of old age

Can someone help me, please ?

Best regards,

SireKorentos 🪶


Unfortunately, changing the flow of time is impossible without Harmony atm and kind of a ***** to do even with it. You would need to override the getters for a whole bunch of properties in the CampaignTime class, where TaleWorlds have inexplicably chosen to hardcode everything. Even then, there's a lot of logic littered throughout the codebase where they calculate things like age using the hardcoded values instead of those getters, which can cause all kinds of bugs. When I tried it, I would start a new campaign and the game would freeze up for a long time and then give me a tonne of notifications letting me know that basically everybody in Calradia had died of old age.
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