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This thread's purpose is to explain how our team is organized, what each moderation role does, and who moderates over what.

We believe this structure will allow us to scale the team in a way that keeps things consistent and well organized.


- Subforum: Boards like "The guildhall" or "The sage's guild".
- Forum:

- Section: We divide forums into three main sections that share the same purpose:
  • Modding (Mount & Blade Engine +Bannerlord +General Modding)
  • On-topic (Warband+Bannerlord+Original Mount & Blade)
  • Community (Misc + Realm)


Their main role is to keep things smooth and running within their area of the forums through day-to-day etiquette enforcement, thread management, and activity promotion.Their main role is to see their Sections (and thus forums) thrive and provide a place where people can contribute and develop meaningful relationships.Their main role is to develop, communicate, coordinate and implement strategic goals, forum rules, and general forums structure as well as managing the moderation team's structure and general recruitment.
Enforce etiquette either proactively or by reacting to reports in his/her area of the forums.Perform all subforum moderator tasks as needed.Perform all Section moderator tasks as needed.
Create stickies when necessary.Writing, owning and maintaining the Section's agenda (taking into account stats/activity of their section to make decisions).Provide advice for section moderators and their agendas.
Move topics when necessary (to any subforum not just their own).Review their section's structure and request admin changes if needed (child boards, etc.).Handling the recruitment pipelines both for moderators and notables.
Split/Merge threads according to their level of maturity and critical mass.Participate in recruitment discussions for their section.Analyze the forums as a platform and its stats in order to give advice on general structural changes or policy revision.
Promote activity by probing discussions and interacting with the community.-Ban users if necessary.
Provide feedback on the section's agenda and general state of the community within their area fo.-Has access to the admin board.


GENERAL PLATFORMGlobal moderator: Count Delinard + Reus + Nova + Orion
Turkish global moderator: Kiron + Courage
SECTION 1: On-topicOn-topic section mod team ( Erminas + Piconi)
Forum: Mount & Blade II: BannerlordErminas + Piconi
Subforum: The Citadel (general discussion)Section Mods
Subforum: The Keep - SingleplayerBrandis + Monty
Subforum: The Fields of Valour - MultiplayerBrandis + Svan
Subforum: SuggestionsBrandis + Monty
Subforum: Minstrel's CornerBrandis
Forum: Mount & Blade: WarbandErminas + Piconi
Subforum: The Guildhall - General DiscussionSvan
Subforum: Downloadable Content and Engine TitlesSvan
Forum: Mount & BladeErminas + Piconi
Subforum: Zendar Town Square - General DiscussionSvan
SECTION 2: ModdingModding section mod team ( Marko + Vacant)
Forum: General ModdingSection moderator Marko + Vacant
Subforum: HubEarendil + John_M + Lucon
Subforum: Modding Q&AEarendil + John_M + Lucon
Forum: Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord EngineSection moderator Marko + Vacant
Subforum: The Emporium - Released ModsJohn_M + Lucon
Subforum: The Chamber of Crafts - Mods Under ConstructionJohn_M + Lucon
Subforum: The Smithy - Mod DevelopmentJohn_M + Lucon
Forum: Mount & Blade EngineSection moderator Marko + Vacant
Subforum: The Caravanserai - Released ModsEarendil
Subforum: The Pioneer's Guild - Mods Under ConstructionEarendil
Subforum: The Forge - Mod DevelopmentEarendil
SECTION 3: CommunityCommunity section mod team (Nemo + Kurczak)
Forum: The RealmNemo + Kurczak
Subforum: Adventurers' Hall - Website & Forum InformationAJIexander
Subforum: Technical SupportAJIexander+ Ulf
Subforum: The Herald - Developer AnnouncementsAJIexander
Subforum: Tournaments & EventsErminas + Brandis + Svan + Piconi
Forum: MiscellaneousNemo + Kurczak
Subforum: The Anachronists' Guild - Off-TopicMonty
SECTION 4: International Forums
Forum: Türkçe ForumHomerøs + Hobeto13 + HyperCharge + Liathbeanna
Forum: Deutsches ForumSvÄn + IceNoVa + Darwin + Vortex
Forum: Forum italianoJabdiMelborn + Jostino + Nikephoros + thefirst1nvad3r
Forum: Benelux ForumMaHuD
Forum: Forum françaisAlphα + Míriel
Forum: Suomen Foorumi
Forum: Scandinavian ForumÚlfheðinn
Forum: Русскоязычный форумTrueten
Forum: Fórum Español/Portuguêsguspav + ThVaz
Forum: 中文板块Shiroin
Forum: Forumul RomânescArcas Nebun + cifre

If anyone would like to take on any of the open roles please let us know here!

* Also note: Moderators are community volunteers who perform these duties on their free time and for the benefit of all, we are not TW employees :smile:

To make the distinction clearer, employees now have gold rank banners on their profiles & gold borders around their posts while volunteer staff ranks remain red.
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I wish all of you good luck, and a lot of ****ing patience . . .oh look, the word filter is working, you guys will do just fine, i'm sure of it ? godspeed !


Community Manager
The OP now also includes all the moderators of the international forums.

If anyone is interested in moderating the Finnish board then feel free to drop us a message!

Count Delinard

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As everyone has seen in the structure above, the idea is to always have 4 international global mods. With the promotion of Dejan to CM we have decided to promote @IceNoVa to Global Mod :party:

This leaves a Section Mod position vacant for Ontopic, we'll be announcing a couple more changes to the team later :smile:
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