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Just on the off chance that one of our many modeler types shows up...

I'm a modeler / skinner myself, but currently I'm wearing the developer hat, or doing level design.  So I'm a bit busy.  I can rig things, though, if they're worth rigging.

Here's a list of cool stuff I'd like to have, but don't.

1.  More historically-accurate plate armor designs.  Unlikely, I know- they're hard to make and rig.  But what the heck.  If somebody makes a good one, but can't rig, I may step in.  Reskins of existing stuff won't generally be accepted unless they're really, really good.

2.  More Asian armor designs.  Please be authentic, if possible.

3.  More North African armor designs.  Again, try to use authentic sources.

4.  Unusual weapons* from the time period, and period firearms.

5.  Ruined buildings and other ruined objects, for maps.  Rip / tear on existing models is acceptable, if executed well.

6.  More flora, preferably in themed collections and using atlas techniques, would be very welcome, especially more (low-poly!) trees to represent more species (for example, I'd like some trees that are associated with swamps, fens, and bogs, a weeping-willow would be great, etc.).  Trees support LODs, but... not easily.

7.  I'd like some nice bridges.  Wood, stone, any style is OK, so long as it's vaguely Medieval- I'd love a Nord-themed covered bridge, a Roman-style bridge, etc.  Modular bridges (i.e. middle and ramp sections) are especially welcome.

8.  A donkey, and bears for the Rhodoks to ride (it's a running gag, and yes, I'm kidding about the bears).

9.  More female-only armors and clothing.  Sexy is totally optional, but they should be distinctly female.  In particular, I'd like to see some fantasy helms or crown-like head armors that can be worn without covering the hair.

10.  More gloves and boots, especially female boots (see dthehun's boots in the surreal_arms_modified.brf for scale references).

11.  More helmets and interesting hats.  Fantasy designs are all right, if they're executed well, but I'd prefer authenticity.

In general, they need to be tricount-efficient (anything over 3500 triangles won't be accepted), not use giant skins where it's not appropriate(use 512s for helmets, use atlases for weapons- look at the BRFs included in the mod for guidance) and I generally only look seriously at adding things with LODs.  I can do distance LODs (LOD2+) very easily, so don't worry about that much.  But LOD1 is pretty important.  A single sword with 3600 triangles with 1024 diffuse, specular and normal maps is precisely not what I want, so please don't submit crappy conversions of Oblivion models or whatever :wink:

I can't do any hand-holding on this stuff.  My hands are full and I can't be an Art Director or Modeling Lead, and fix your work.  If you're new to modeling, this probably isn't a good project to submit work to.

Lastly, in the spirit of the rest of the mod's content policy, I'd like to request that whatever you make is OSP- i.e., other mods can use it, not just me.  I do not want to build a "team" with exclusive access to certain models, or tell people "you can't use XYZ".  I want to support the community.

*Weapons are tricky, because they may or may not be possible.  Contact me via PM if you decide that this might be fun.  Stuff like war-boomerangs are doable, although it will make people howl.  Stuff like stave-slings, while 100% historically accurate, aren't possible using the Warband engine atm, due to animation-system limitations (sigh). 

I especially want better-looking firearms that are historically accurate (matchlocks, snaplocks, early flintlocks and wheellocks will be considered, but I prefer matchlocks) and have LODs (see the LODs in OSP_Firearms as a guide- I was happily surprised to find out how crude they can be and work just fine).


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Just in case people want to know about the model side of things, since I generally haven't been doing promo pics here, but in the 3D Thread in the Forge (and not everything I do gets shown there by any means), here are some of the cool weapons and things that give you a sample of what kind of quality I'm looking for.  Some of the designs are fantasy, but the vast majority of the "weird weapons" are actually real weapons (they may not be circa 1357, though, I play pretty fast and loose when it comes to Earth history vs. Calradia).

A random sample from Mackie's OSP weapons, reskinned by me:


Igorbb's fantasy axe:

Some fantasy armors worn by the Death Knights:

Base mesh / rig for new female armors:

Chinese spear-gun, circa Ming Dynasty.

Reskinned arbalest (AKA "Sniper Crossbow") that will be in 1.15:

The gun-axe: a real-life, historical "combi-weapon":


Chu-no-ku: a Chinese repeating crossbow- this was built from scale drawings and picture references:


A matchlock dragon: an early period weapon, sort've like a sawn-off shotgun, in one and two-barrel blasting goodness:


The Rhulg Helmet, for that Chaos Warrior look:

A sampling of swords from youhou and my reworked versions of Lui's awesome collection:
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