Modding VC on Wine on Linux (Debian)

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My goal is to lead an all-female pirate crew, with lots of new custom female companions (as there's only 3 in the game!).

I run M&B in Wine on Linux as I found it easier than trying to run it native (less errors). However a lot of the tools' .exe files just won't run on Wine

Can anyone give me advice on creating custom companions, editing troops\troop trees without running any tools?
Thank you for your reply. After sifting through those tutorials, I now know how to customise companions. Great!

Now that I've had a taste of it, I think I'd like to expand the scope of the mini-mod I'm making.

Could I describe what I want to do and ask you some specific questions here? (I guess they're not all specific to VC) Not asking you to write my mod for me or anything cheeky like that  :razz: , just to maybe point me in the direction of which modsystem files I need to look and link to some tutorials?
if you need help making a submod for VC (even if personal and that you won't offer to the public) you can create a new thread for it. Add information, name, describe your features, etc, and add your doubts on modding. Keep your OP (first post) as the information hub, and the thread as a developer diary (news).

Remember to make this point clear: personal mod or public mod. It matters because of credits and permissions.

Keep in mind that most answers will be to point you to a Forge tutorial section or very brief description, as the best way to reach many modders is the Q&A in the Forge.
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