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With any modules enabled the editor will crash immediately after launching on 1.5.7, even if the module is empty and isnt loading anything into the game, I can load the tools fine without any modules enable. I have verified both my game and tools. After I hit launch the loading screen will come up completely black go unresponsive and it will stay there until I click on or close out the program. It does not give a crash message when this happens so I cannot upload a crash report, the popup never appears.

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Can you try verifying the game files and the tool files? Please make sure that they both are installed on the same drive and they are in the same version.
so with some more testing it seems that having any modules enabled (even ones that don't have any data in it) causes the load times to increase about 15 minutes, which isn't a crash, but still seems to be some sort of bug.
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