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Modding tool to create new quests?

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the thing is ever sense the game came out and heard that there will be a modding tool for the game, I have been waiting for a tool to create or even modified quest for the game.

I mean, no offence, I like the idea of been able to make cool looking castles and towns maps, but what would be the point if you can't even fell that map with original quest too. And I know some people manage to do it in mods, but not everyone are knowledgeable enough to figure out the complexity of how to make one out without destroying your game files...

making a tool that could help you make a quest; create dialogs, objectives, condition to meet, and so on, would be a very great tool to have. as of right now the tool is rather empty in my opinion.

thank you


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I use a lot of mods, but honestly I don't even know which one uses the tools provided by TW, maybe none.


Neat idea and you should suggest this in the right section.
I hope TW will be able to design an efficient tool to allow an easy way to implement new quests.
Though a bit of knowledge in c# could allow you to already do it right now.
This mod is a good start if you want to give it a try.
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