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Modding tasks for any who can help C:TW. I think thus to accelerate work above mod, due to reduction of expenditure of time by small problems and staff.

This area is for co-ordinating work with the C:TW modding assistans.

TASK - A number of smaller bits of work which it is imperative to complete in a certain time. Harder tasks may be accompnaied with a tutorial. New tasks will be placed as the modding progresses. Current tasks will always be on the first page of this thread. Above the task will be an assistant, who works on the task. He also should hopefully finish within the said time. If  the appropriate sign does not exist, the work was not accepted.

ASSISTANT - Anybody (a modder), who having read the task, who wants to help C:TW, and can do the task in the said time, accepts it (if the task is not borrowed) . If an assistant wants to do a task, he should say so on this thread of the board, and also send a PM to MAXHARDMAN, about what he has undertaken, and also state the approximate finishing time. If the assitant can't finish on time, or can't finish on time at all, he should say so on this forum and send a PM to MAXHARDMAN.

If  the time allocated to the task is over, the task MAY be offered to another assitant, and a PM will be sent.

IN RETURN - Assitants have the right to use some of the content of C:TW (but not all) without any help for adopting this content .
Assitants who have helped MUCH (many tasks, or big tasks), may expect help in return, for example a tutorial or other help, but not extra content, which does not ahve anything to do with C:TW.

All assistans will be mentioned in the credits (also what the did will be noted). General assitants will be at the top of the list and they will get special thanks.

ATENTION ! : For use of any content from C:TW you first need to complete at least one task or give same content for use in C:TW (I think it's fair).




<Martin aka McLenin> - Geographical names

ps Thanks comrade Morgoth2005 for translate this page and his support !  :smile:
Feel free to use/alter/switch/ignore these names. I warn you, I made this list late at night after a long afternoon behind books of biochemistry

Some are real castles/villages/cities and some are just made up by me.
Here you go:

Swadian castles : Nymphenburg,  Bittenburg, Wolfsburg, Kreuzenstein
Vaegir castles : Cahn Kanichi,Turku, Corfu, Tikal,

Khergit castles: Falk-ol-Aflah,Yedikule, Anif, Ambras

Black Khergit castles: Jumareh, Hame, Himeji, Muiderslot

Dark hunters castles: Blackrock, Dunkelmarsch, Greyfort, Hellshome

Bandit castles: Daggerfort, Crossroadskeep, Mountainhall, Brokenarrow 

Manhunter castles: Athenry, Dunguaire, Ross, Chinon

Player castles: Johannesburg, Krak de Chevalier, Bouillon, Azay le Rideau

Calradia castles: Schwarzenberg, Aigle,Tyhoml, Cardiff

player - Solun, Kaliningrad  , Constantinopol

calradia - Warmia, Tirana, Korinthos

swadian - Bavaria, Schwarzwald, Hambro

vaegir - Kashmir, Safed, Karmiel

khergit - Nahariya, Shefa-'Amr, Afula

black khergit - Birjand, Mashhad, Yazd

swadian - Aarberg, Aebersold, Baltschieder, Bowil, Calfreisen, Churwalden, Dingenhart, Doppleschwand

vaegir- Maramaros, Beregbardos, Beregkisfalud, Dilok, Berehove, Csercs, Cuma, Dara

player - Adelboden, Alpe di Cava, Braunwald, Breno, Comano, Daillon, Degersheim, Edlibach

calradia - Les Acacias, Agno, Bönigen, Bossey, Clarmont, Carnago, Delsberg, Gossau

khergit - Alsoalmad, Bachljava, Sanok, Behero, Kal'nyk, Czarne, Chocen, Csabahdza

black khergit - Balyhorod, Bardhaza, Bekrip, Benedeki, Kuz'myne, Bilke, Bos'ko, Casyn

bandits - Dogspit, Bashmantia, Edge, Raidershome, Ambusvil, Knif, Upenwund, Brokmaen

manhunters - Adlikon, Aire-la-Ville, Les Baillets, Le Boéchet, Choulex, Col-de-la-Croix, Develier, Echarlens

darkhunters -Innereriz, Ennerval, Sanguisdorf, Morspit, Cruris, Ulcus, Saphenia, Durus

Phew, that is all of it. Please let me know if it was helpfull or not 

Thanks very mutch ! Real good and quick work ! Im too lazy make it self. Ok i think my method "task - assistan " is working !  :grin:

Dont warry , i have LOT works for assistant  :wink:, but i need time for write this on forum , looks in this tread same time  :wink:

if you may - look 2 textures : steel (not so bright, like durty) and wheat field (foto-realistic or good realistic), i nead full textures 512/512 (any format) or good pictures for making textures  :wink:
sorry i am too bad whit items i am only  good whit script(at last this  :razz:) and my speciality is scenes
s]sorry i only found jpg images
however i am 99% sure gladiator mod has wheat fields
and batle for sicily has corn fields
and i am 100% sure fantasy mod has any kind of field

EDIT: i look at gladiator and it is corn fields[/s]

this is good?

Im copy you jpg thanks !  :grin:
I know this texture  :wink: (from sicilia ?  :wink:)  but i need foto realistic ( from foto) i dind find good foto, so i need  it ( or ready textures ) and else dark ( carrosion) steel (iron)  :wink:
Ok, sorry that the wheat ones arent that good, i couldnt find anything better.

THANKS !  :grin:  Im copy textures, and delete it for dont make page is big (in size)  :wink: 
I know this texture  :wink: (from sicilia ?  :wink:)  but i need foto realistic ( from foto) i dind find good foto, so i need  it ( or ready textures ) and else dark ( carrosion) steel (iron)  :wink:
the texture is from batle for sisily
Ofcouse, but not now  :wink:, im realy wait next beta, and make now same technology for mod. When im write new concept and work-list , im plase tasks in this tread  :wink:
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