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I've decided to do some little modding here. I've decided to add a faction, a minor faction in the game, it's gonna he Half-Elves, lol.

I've got the items ready for the faction, they're going to be like elves, just a bit stronger and fewer in numbers.

EDIT - oops, yeah heres the questions.

How can i add troops to the faction?

How can i make a center for the faction?

How can i make them hidden?


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If this is something about which you are serious, I highly recommend that you peruse and search this board;,64.0.html

They can explain all that and far better than I.

You also should get this, it will be able to do much of what you are trying to do :,105928.0.html

EDIT : And back everything up! You should know by now what noosers says about the occult.


Yeh, all is backed up :smile:

Thanks for the link mordred, appreciated  :smile:

I got morgh's tools already, i've made one unit already with them, openBRF and a bit of editing.
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