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Hi, I recently got bannerlord on epic because it was cheaper than steam, Is it possible to install mods for the game if you only have it through epic? and if so how would i do this?


U add them to your modules folder. Go to steam/steam apps/common /mount and blade bannerlord/modules. If u didn't put the game in your steam folder locate the game file and open it. U put the files in your modules folder. U can disregard the steam part of any instructions. That per dosen't matter. You just need to go to your bannerlord folder and then put them inside the modules folder. Some mods are different so read the instructions for each one. Most are like this though. Your basically just trying to match folders . A folder with the same name goes in the same place. So if u download a mod like oathkeeper sword and it says oatherkeeper, it will go in the modules folder. Always look through your mind download folders to make sure u correctly match the folders with the bannerlord folders. For intance u dont want to put a mod folder that reads modules inside the bannerlord modules folder. U would put that in the bannerlord folder and it would automatically place it in the bannerlord modules folder because they have the same name.
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