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Hello, I want your opinion and hopefully feedback of the developers on following matter:
We can see that although it seems very likely that modes will be balanced separately, the classes and perks are here to stay. Devs also stated that "visual customisation" will be implemented later on. I don't know in what form, but the "easiest" version would be to be able to switch armor pieces that have same stats but different models (which would somewhat remind Warbands armor selection).

Now with above said, do you think there will actually be a modding capability of replacing equipment for spawned units in a way that emulating warband's system will be possible? Or will it be purposefully disabled to enforce class/perk system? Do devs think their class system will eventually be so good that it won't get wiped into oblivion by mods that let players select each piece? Most successful warband mods did that in one way or another, so it seems it was REALLY what people liked. Plz give opinions/feedback what will be the future of the game.

[CL] Octavius

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I'm sure changing the loadouts will be possible. Modders will probably be able to add as many perks as they want to eventually make the class system redundant while still having the server be visible in the native browser. A great example of this is the NeoGK mod for Warband. If it was possible in warband I'm sure it will be possible here.