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Hey there, so I was trying to launch the modding tools 1.6.3 but it will not launch. I am new to the modding scene so if I need to do something other than downloading and opening the tools please let me know.

What is the error content you got? Any crash message or?
no message. I click Launch Tools from steam and it will show that it is launching but after 2 seconds the Launch option is back on my steam page for the tools.

Same also in 2022.

Seems that mod kit testing was done via good old "works on my machine, we are ready to go!"
The tools launch for me but the only things that I can use are the scene editor (Editor selection) or when I Alt ~ I can type in resource.show_resource_editor_browser and can add new 3d assets that way. None of the other options open up any tools.

How are people opening the particle effects editor? I just get "Done." when I try to open it but nothing happens.
How do you duplicate items to create new items like release animations?

Is there any info on what can be opened in the modding kit, and how to do it?
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