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Modding IRC channel

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Hello. Just thought you guys should know, there's an IRC channel dedicated to modding Mount&Blade, which is a great place to go to for little modding questions/tips. Several experienced modders hang out there (Yoshiboy, Highelf and Ursca as random examples :razz:) who could probably help you with anything you want to know. There's a basic thread that goes over the use of IRC for M&B purposes here.

If you're new to IRC, its basically an instant messaging program, kinda like msn only between lots of different people.
Once you have it all sorted out, just join the channel #mount&blade-modding on Quakenet. The great thing about IRC is that it takes up very little space, so you can just minimize it and go about your computing then bring it back up whenever you need it.

A few general rules in the channel:
Don't expect an answer immediately. Most people on there will be doing something else and have IRC minimized, but they'll check it sooner or later.
Don't ask people to do things for you. I doubt anybody will write up any codes aside from the very basic, instead they'll just give "how to" advice and such.
Don't be an ass. You'll get banned.


I've also rigged up Yoshibot in this channel for some mod-testing and server functions. Stuff like that, so at some points in the day there might be a little bit of spam.

Saying that I think the channel should overall be helpful. I've given out some advice today and in the past it's seemed to be alright.


Join steam its a better place and more secure  :smile: plus there is a whole M&B community too chat and game with :twisted:
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