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As some of you have already seen in the Modding Discord, I have started to write down a new, more detailed Modding Guide for M&B Warband. Take note, it is work in progress and there is still a lot which needs to find its place inside there. The plan is to gather all available informations scattered across the forum and integrate into one Guide which can then serve as a good base for all Modders of the Warband Engine.

I use LaTex for writting the Modding Guide and I have the source available at GitLab for the case that I can't continue the project, so others will be able to pick up the work.

I have uploaded the current version of the Modding Guide at moddb and will update the file there after every big push at the GitLab.

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction ✅
  2. Localization and Modularity ✅
  3. Setting up the Module System ✅
  4. Module Syntax and Usage ✅
  5. Documentation Module System 🛠
  6. Documentation module.ini ✅
  7. Game Engine Settings, Formulas and Info Tidbits 🛠
  8. Most Common Errors at Modding 🛠
  9. Good Practice 🛑
  10. In-game Editor 🛠
  11. Frequently Asked Questions 🛠
  12. BRF-related Informations 🛑
✅ = Pretty much finished, corrections and expansions possible though
🛠 = Heavy WIP
🛑 = Work not started yet
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Where have you been all this time...? There are a lot of people here with calluses on their hands from digging around the forum. you're on fire!!

Eärendil Ardamírë

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Edit Log 24.01.2021
  • Added passage 'Using Modifiers for Item Variants'
  • Added passage about timid and meek horse modifiers
  • Added subsection 'Basic Colour Codes' to FAQ section
  • Added Subsection Module Strings, by jik
  • Added Subsection Module Quests, by jik
  • Added Subsection Module Mission Template, by jik
  • Started subsection Module Particle Systems
  • Moved up section about module.ini and renamed it as well as section Documentation
  • Added remark of Somebody at fall damage
  • Little corrections and additions

Eärendil Ardamírë

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Edit Log 25.04.2021

It's a bigger update, I should have made it in more little steps. The page count is a bit blown up by the fact that I added a lot of linked notes with informations which I want to integrate later. It looks thus a bit messy and bigger than it really is but I deemed it to be the best way to store those notes while giving the readers already access to them.

  • new subsubchapter "Loop Extension"
  • little additions

  • module_factions: new subsubchapters "Difference between Faction and Culture", "Changing Faction Relations", "Differentiating between Player's Faction and Player Supporters' Faction" and "Maximum Amount of Factions"
  • module_skills: new subchapters "Maximum Skill Level" and "Adding, Combining, Deleting and/or Editing Skills"
  • module_skins: added chapter intro; new subchapters "Adding a new Skin", "Skin Flag and Morph Key", "Face Keys Code", "Scaling Problems" and "Skins for Horses"
  • module_troops: new subchapters "Scene Entry Point", "Random Attribute and Skill Points" and "Differences between Classes, Subclasses and Divisions"
  • module_items: new subchapters "Maximum Weapon Damage", "Equipment Slots", "Damage Types", "Maximum Inventory Items" and "Morale Effect of Food"
  • module_scene_props: new subchapter "Scene Prop Meta Types, Sub Kind ID and Variation IDs"
  • module_scenes: new subchapter "Character Creation Screen aka Meeting Scene"
  • module_parties: new subchapters "Maximum Number of Stacks", "Experience Constants" and "Fiefs' Association with each other"
  • module_strings: new subchapters "Gender-based Alternation", "Strings and Syntax" and "Difference between Strings and Quick Strings"
  • module_quests: new subchapter "Bare-bones for New Quests"
  • module_dialogs: added chapter intro; new subchapters "Requirements and the Condition Block" and "Declarations for Dialogs"
  • module_mission_template: new subchapters "Spawn Records" and "Jumping from Mission Template to Mission Template"
  • At nearly each chapter little additions
  • At nearly each chapter unstructured notes for later integration

  • Expanded some descriptions

Many still WIP
  • games_variables.txt
  • variables.txt
  • variable_uses.txt
  • rlg_log.txt
  • rlg_config.txt
  • Damage Formula
  • Weapon Speed Formula
  • Shot Speed/Missile Starting Velocity Formula
  • Missile Speed Formula
  • Maximum Speed and Acceleration Formulas
  • World Map Speed Formula
  • Gain Experience Formula
  • Experience Formula for Leveling Up
  • World Map Speed Formula
  • Colour Codes
  • Usage of Unicode Characters
  • Weapon Switch System
  • Calculation for Reticle Size at Aiming with Ranged Weapons
  • Range of a Kick
  • Chance for horses being crippled or killed
  • Crosshair
  • Ammo Drop and Pick Up
  • Melee Weapon Bounce
  • Biggest Value that a Variable can hold
  • Semi-randomness
  • Save Game Compability
  • Quoted and Unquoted Variables
  • Uniniatiated Variables
  • Mount & Blade Engine and Multithreading
  • List of Native Key Kombinations

  • Other:
  • Updated credit list
  • Little corrections and expansions
  • Little changes at format
  • A lot of unstructured notes for later integration, sorry for the mess

Get the new version at the usual place:
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