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Open Source, Open Content, and Making Mods with the Source
The mod's graphical content (literally, hundreds of new / reworked items, armors, etc., etc.) and source code is Open Source.  This means that other mods may use it, provided they credit the original authors.  In the case of the code, you may use any of it, including making a variant mod based on the entire source.

Q&A and Name Policy
A.  In general, other than this FAQ, I will not be answering questions regarding the content or source code.  The code is heavily commented, and you are expected to read it and figure it out yourselves.  All PMs etc. regarding the code will be ignored.

B.  While I do not have any problems with people making variations of this mod using the source and content, I do not want anybody else to use the name, "Blood and Steel".

This is the only restriction I am putting on the use; please honor my wishes on this topic.
Not open for further replies.
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