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My grandpa once told me that life wasn't all about the good times. He said that occasionally, there'd be bad times to go along with the good. He explained it like life was a trampoline; the harder you hit the bottom, the higher you would go afterwards. It wasn't until I was in my late teens that this really made sense to me. I'd hit a bad spot, and needed something to pull me up; my trampoline life just wasn't bouncy enough. Then Jurrasic v2 came out. Suddenly, life had meaning. It was as if I was a blind man seeing for the first time! Trees had individual leaves, girls had real actual teeth, Unicorns makeup truly complemented his complexion. The world was right.
Like several others here, JURASSICV2 is a mod that has really touched my heart and made a significant impact on my life. It completely changed my perspective on video games, art, and even life itself. Thank you so much to the creators for making something so beautiful and meaningful for us to enjoy.
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