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Praise you my man! I have tried 2 mods and i am in the dark...in another form a expained a had downloaded a sound mod...one of the files were corrupt, I went back to the native and there was no sound period!
This helps me alot thanks bro!


hi, where are my mount and blade folders placed? all i have is the mountandblade.exe desktop icon to play the game.. im confused :cry: :cry:


That depends, where did you install the game?

Mine was installed in Computer > Program Files > Mount&Blade  or  C:\Program Files\Mount&Blade

Are you using a computer with Windows?


when i downloaded all i did was set the run point on desktop. how would i find it in c programs, doing the run ?


nvm, i found it. thank you for the post, i just needed to do the C:\Program Files\Mount&Blade in the run program search in windows, thanks once again.


Janus said:
PureEvil said:
i have a problem when i unzip the packed mod into the modules folder. after i do it it dosent show the mod in the mod list... why is that?
PureEvil said:
well it happend to me with holymod and darkmod i jast unziped it into the modules folder and it dosent show on the list

Obviously you have read the Mod Users FAQ from your terminology, so that is good. I'm guessing you just have the folder structure incorrect.

The folder structure should be, using Darkmod as an example, "\Mount&Blade\Modules\Darkmodv1.3.5\module_info.txt".

This will sound like a pathetic question, but what is the easiest way to change the folder structure?


Lord Burgess1 said:
to i need to pay for that?
The company that makes it claims that it's piracy to use it beyond 30 days without paying for it, even though it will work beyond 30 days.  If you want something free that works better, is smaller and is open-source, try 7zip.  It opens .rar files, and many that WinRar chokes on.


Do we need to download winrar? because it just turns out to be a bunch of stacked books and i cant unpack it or anything.


I have move mod in to the moduls but there is no that mod whena i start the game(mod is unrar).
P.S. I listen the metal  :twisted:


I don't hace the mount&blade mod folder :cry: am i just being thick, is it hiding, or do i have to make it or something? :grin:
P.S i have M&B save folder, is that it ?
Good lord people this thread has been necroed at least three times now with a 20-30 day gap between posts. LET THE DARN THING DIE ALREADY.

<< By himself constitutes a flaming horde.

*edit* Just so that my post can have SOME usefull content, yeah the person who posted below me is probably correct about the path to your module folder.

C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/Mount and Blade/modules

Now don't copy and past that in case i got a letter wrong or didn't put a space somewhere because I'm at work and doing this from memory.


Sergeant Knight
Globa said:
i dont have a module folder :sad: ow do i get one.

I'm guessing you got it on steam.

Go into Steam Apps and I think in common or Username is Moutn and blade. In that there should be modules.

Or if not on steam. Go to the mount and blade folder (usualy in C:<Program files<Mount and Blade) and look in there.


Sergeant Knight
how do i install it if it just downloads as a .rar file?
when i double click on it all it does is say that the following item cannot be found
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