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I recently bought the game after playing beta and started the japanese mod for .930 Onin On Ran. Sadly I was quite dissapointed as there is not much going ong. Theres a few bandits around, missions are always to travel huge distances to give some lord some item and you cant attack cities, only villages. Is it gonna improve or am I better off trying some other mod?

Any tips for some well made mods. Story, npcs and world is important to me.


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The Onin No Ran mod is not finished, the only available version (the one you had) is quite old.
For released mods you should look at the The Cartographer's Guild. Sword of Damocles is a good finished one.

There are also several posts here in the forum with the same question, you might want to read these or wait until the same answers appear here.

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My friend has recently been playing Expanded Gameplay III and has written a review here.

Must say it looks good. Seems to have some story to it as well.
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