[Mod Request](Bannerlord) Massively more gate health.

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As topic suggests, is it possible to increase the gate health by a great amount on the first gate that the ram is supposed to knock down? This will make sieges longer and harder for the attackers.

Also, is it possible for the defenders behind the gate to be in a more ordinary shield wall that engages better with the enemy?

Thank you for your attention.

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Should be doable, I had a quick look in the files and found the following:


It has a default value of 100 hitpoints.
In modules>native>prefabs
I found props_siege_gates_outer and there the hitpoints vary from 12000 to 15000 and to 18000. This probably reflects the different wall stages. I have noticed that wall tier 3 have a gate that takes longer to destroy. So modifying these numbers may do something. Will test tomorrow when I have time.
Alright thanks!

And an update, changing the values I previously mentioned does have an effect, but only on some gates oddly enough. Though, I haven't started a new save, perhaps that is what is necessary for the full effect?
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