Mod Realistic Steel Textures 1.0 (for 0.903)

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I found out that peasants cloths was shiner has plate armour, apart from that loved the way my nords and mercenaries are loking, much more realistic.
After new 950 vers is relize , i start make new vers my mod RST , now number 2.0 :wink:

In new vers i use new improved environment specular shader, for best steel shining . This shader make more realistic reflection , even in shadow .
Hire screenshots presentation, of course its not complete version , and I want improve textures more, for realistic looking . Anyway you may see difference , specially on helm. In game its look match more good  :grin: , in static shot is poor visual for sorry . 

On shot : 1) Native 2) RST 2.0



On shots : 1) Native 2) RST 1.0  3 ) RST 2.0



I hope complete new vers of mod for week :wink:
Mod in general is ready , but I need few days for final tests and making installator.

Mod Realistic Steel Textures 2.0 for v.951

- Add environment map to all plate armor , shields , weapons and helms .
- New diffuse and specular textures for all other steel staff .
- New textures for heraldic staff  .
- Many other improves .

For full effects , must be on DirectX 9 and shaders.

Important Note (!):
Uninstall is impossible, only reinstall MB .
Performance is not down  on new generation video cards .( on other not tested yet :wink: )




I upload little ( 2.5Mb ) video, for more good presentation.  :wink:

Upload on Youtube ,but  in bad quility: ( thanks comrad Vanok  :wink: )
Question: will there be dx7 support? My worthless ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 slows the game down quite a lot with even the native dx9+pixel shaders settings, and I expect this mod to make it even worse. I would be content with just the more realistic steel textures, as the ones in the game are ridiculously dark if you don't have the dx9 + pixel shaders on.
to Nahkuri
I afreid not . For right work you need DX9 and shaders on . But you may download mod and use like jast textures mod . But reflection dont work, sorry ...

I desigen wait next buf fix 952, becouse i use Native files ,and dont want make patch later . Anyway i relise mod after few days ( maximum one week ) I fix few small bugs and test it now for shure bugs is minimum  :wink:
Can you post the mod in the current condition? i just can't wait, and the 952 who knows when will show up :grin: pls pls
to Iulik
Yes i too look patch few time in every day  :lol: Dont want upload mod and make patch after 1-2 day . So please wait few more , i hope patch near  :wink: Mod in ready for now , but it need few remake for new patch , and i think i relize mod after 1-2 days, after patch 952 is relize  :wink:
Yes !  :grin:
Download now ! Finaly !  :grin: Wait soon RST 2.0 ( few days )  :wink: I need same time for play new vers and i want make new shader texture ( i look good one from one game  :roll: )
Mod already done !  :grin: I finish write installer now , and try test and upload next few days (MAYBE tomorow  :wink: ). Size 18 mb  (70 remaked textures  :roll:)

EDIT: I finely find way to make specular shader for heraldic shields  :grin: +15 textures DONE ! Try upload tomorrow  :wink:

Few new screenshots ,for compare  :wink:, first Native , second RST 2.0



w00t this is just awesome, u rly rock, too bad coders couldn't do this from the start :grin:
Great job
молодец :wink:
SnoeiSchaaR said:
I tryd to run it but when I wanted to make new map I couldn't press "OK" button so cant install it :eek:
Any suggestions..?
I have same problem and i explain: M&B's installed on other partition, and when i'm trying install RST it answer me "path could not be determinated form the registry!..."
After i try to give the good path in the installer but i never can click on "ok" for installation.
I have install 2 times M&B in 2 differents folder, perhaps he can't accept my old installation path now...
I will made new installation for 0.903 and try to install RST in the new folder.
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