Mod menu on intro window of M&B

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Better than necroing a 2 year old thread though.  :razz:

Check your mods, maybe the real mod folder is inside the mod folder in the modules folder.

(don't get it? Mount&Blade->Modules->ASLoW(as an example)->A Shield Lying on the Water)
Ok I started a new topic, and when I looked in the folder it only has resource, scene obj, sounds, and textures. Of course there are also several files and notebook documents.
Spawn Of Achilles said:
I'm trying to play some old mods for .751 and there is no drop down menu. Is there something I am doing wrong? I know the mods are there I just don't know how to access them. I had drop down menus on both .808 and .892. So if anyone could please reply soon. Thanks

This thread has been dead for two years :0. Why did you even open it your gonna get flamed probably more for doing this than making a new topic.
uhm... actually he is doing the correct thing in wrong part of the forums, he should rather go to technical help.
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