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Mod Making FAQ (Fisheye)

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Mod-making FAQ

What's involved in the process of making a module for M&B?

There are two main ways of contributing to a module-creation process. You may script, and change how the game runs, for example by creating new troops to fight, new events, and new towns and NPCs. Or, you may model, and change how the game looks, for example by creating a new different-looking weapon, or a new scene that you can visit, or a new piece of armor.

I don't know how to do either, but how can I learn?

To learn scripting, read the Official Module Documentation here:
To learn modelling, there are many links on the Internet on how to create a 3D model. Some tutorials specific to M&B are here:

Basically everything you'll need to learn is in those two locations.

I just posted a mod idea in the discussions forum. Why is everyone ignoring or even acting hostile to me?

Just posting a mod idea without having done any work on it and actually committing to lead a mod project, is generally not welcomed by the community. For example, suppose you went to Hollywood, and started writing letters to movie studios just saying "what about a movie about chickens?" Nobody would answer them. Why? Because there are so many good ideas around, and everyone is working on what they think is best. Nobody is going to go "omigod chickens I never thought of that it's so cool, I'll drop everything I'm doing and work on that right away". To think otherwise would imply that you have a serious lack of understanding of people and their motivations, or that you just spam the forums with anything that comes to mind. Either one would earn you instant derision.

Did you just say I shouldn't post mod ideas in the discussions forum?

Yes. Don't just post ideas in the mod discussions forum. The chances of your mod idea being implemented actually go down when you do something like that. As will your popularity.

Well, then what can I do?

Get some work done on the project first. Show that you're serious about seeing this project to the end, not just throwing an idea in a random direction and hoping someone else will do all the work. Make a map, make new troops, a few new models, something simple like that. Put up screenshots of them, along with a plan of what you want to include in the mod. Then people will start taking you seriously, and you may even get other members joining your team.
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