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Ben Hussey

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1)Mount and Blade - The game

2)MBX and Taleworlds - the forums

3)Other M&B related websites



Mount and Blade - the game:

For all the information on the game the main website is probably the most useful:
For discussion on the game including tactics, help and so forth the taleworlds discussion forum is very good:

If you have a great idea that could be added to the game there is a suggestion forum:

If you are having technical difficulties the help forum has many answers, and if not just post your problem in there:

MBX and Taleworlds - The forums:
Taleworlds forum:
This forum was the original Mount and Blade forum, and the official one. It has pretty well everything you need except the modding section which is sadly incomplete due to circumstance.

MBX Forum: (mount and blade expansion)
This forum has most of the mods for Mount and Blade, including all the best known and most developed mods, I.e. the best mods.
It also has many minor mods, mods being worked on and plenty of information on all aspects of modelling, from python coding to 3d modelling.

NOTE: Please be sure to read the forum rules before posting in either, it's nice for the admins, those already at the forum and yourself if you prevent yourself from posting things explained elsewhere or suchlike.

Taleworlds forum rules:

MBX forum rules:

Other Mount and Blade related Websites:

Mount&Blade Unofficial File Repository
This site is for free hosting of mods, mod tools, maps and game guides, and just about any other files related to Mount&Blade.

Mount&Blade Mod Wiki
This Wiki lists mods and mod tools currently available for Mount&Blade. Being a Wiki, anyone can add a mod to the list or edit the ones already posted. Site Hosting
Need free web hosting for a Mount&Blade related site? Feel free to contact Vhaeos via PM, and he'll set you up with hosting and a sub-domain on

Mount&Blade Wiki
Here you can find lots of information about Mount&Blade, as well as contribute some. Some info is currently a bit outdated, though unofficial documentation on using the official python modules is starting to be added.

Lombard Leagues Mod Development Forums
Discuss development of the Lombard Leagues Mod, which is in testing now.

Living history games:
A controversial adaption of Ealdormann Husseys 1066 Norman invasion modification for Mount & Blade which requires payment for an Incomplete modification of Mount and Blade.


Released mods: (either for versions .751 or .808 of M&B)


Pirates! (18th century semi-historical Pirating, aharr!)

Holy War: (The crusades)

Onin No Ran: (Historical Japanese mod)

Mesoamerican Mod (Historical mod set in the new world during the Spanish expiditions)

Hundred Years War mod: (Historical mod set in the 100 years war between medieval England and France)

Liberty or Death: (minor mod set during the American revolution)

1066: (Mod set in the year 1066 when both the Vikings and Normans invaded Britain)

Brother against Brother: (Semi complete mod set during the American civil war)


Storymod: (Add's a storyline and quest line to M&B)

Fantasy Mod: (All manner of fantasy beasties can be found in this mod, along with lovely new art and features)

The last days: (Lord of the rings, third age)

Darkmod: (A fantasy mod adding new factions and features galore)

Star Wars mod: (The name says it all)

Warhammer 40k mini mod: (Set in the Warhammer universe)

Shattenlander-Into the darklands: (M&B adaption of cult game classic)

Age of descent: (Post apocalyptic musket era mod)

Expansions / Mini Mods:

Craftmod community expansion: (Adds heaps of new features plus the ability to smith, turn etc your own weapons and armour)

Forgotten glory: (Adds heaps of new art and features.)

Recruit from your prisoners: (the name says it all)

Dead of Dunharrow: (adds the LOTR wraiths in for a bit of a laugh)

Firearms mod: (Adds various firearms to M&B)

NPC upgrade mod (Upgrades/changes some of the troop-trees of NPCs)

.700 to .802+ Battle Size Changer (Allows changing the game's battle size from 2-1000)

Minor Changes/ new graphics Mods:

Inventory Chest Locator: (fed up of losing your inventory chest while in a battle?)

Unreleased mods:


The Perennial Nuisance: (A mod based on recreating the British victories in India during the Napoleonic period)

Mercenary: (Brainstorming on a 16th century Germanic mod)

Western mod: (Mod set in the wild west)


RPG mod: (A mod that probably will be the largest change to the M&B system ever)

Dies the fire: (An apocalyptic mod)

Age of ash: (Post apocalyptic mod, very nice looking artwork)


Tutorial board: Many good tutorials can be found here:

General Modding Discussion: (A good place to ask for help)

Modding Knowledge Base: (A good place to pick up/share tips and the like from others)

Modding Software: (Where you can find all the necessities for modding M&B)

The art thread: (Where you can show off and request models/textures)
A good list, with one thing.  You might want to take the aSoIaF mod off of the in-progress list, as it really is not.  Maybe move it to another section, titled 'ideas' or something similar.

This really does deserve a sticky though.


Knight at Arms
Hussey, you know about this thread?,6332.0.html

I copied all the linking code in the last post for the next person to use. The thread urls have changed with SMF of course (you add need to add ".0" manually to each one) but it gives you a list of (nearly) all the mods that have been made so far.

Good luck.

Ben Hussey

Sergeant Knight
yeah, thats why I made the new one, all the links work, and I dont want a mod idea's cos they never go anywhere.

edit: and ive got rid of that one you said.


I was actually thinking about setting up a wiki using the software Wikipedia does just for mods. There could be a list, and each mod could have it's own thinger. With links, description, status, screenshots, etc. Would you be interested in helping me out with that, Ealdormann?

or anyone else, for that matter.

Hmm, maybe I should make a thread about this. Will probably do that later.

Lu Bu

Easier to see whats going on with this one here. + all the crap mods are deleted from the list. :wink:

Also Mag7 was updated to 0.711 or 0.704 from Tom.


Knight at Arms
Links have been repaired now so you can copy all this ****.

[Do "reply with quote" and you'll get the BB code]


OK I'm going to stop updating this thread. If anybody wants to take over here is the BBcode for everything so far (copy and paste into another thread) - without my email address of course.

I would advise you to set up a website database (which automatically sorts mods by date/size/version etc) if you know how to make your life easier.

------ (copy from here)

This is the new "Mod Resources Compilation". All modders or tool makers who want to update the progress of their work - eg you've started a new mod, you've released a mod/tool, a new version of the mod/tool is coming out - will be posted here.

The old thread:

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Project: Mount & Blade Enhanced

The idea is to combine the best of all the mods (graphics, weapons, gameplay improvements) into one set of source files which can be used and added to by anybody. The 'official' mod forum mod...

This needs to be discussed, planned and is only idea at the moment if it goes ahead at all.

Mount & Blade Enhanced (Discussion)
(v 00)



Full Gameplay Mods

Mods that have been Released

Ancientwanker's LOTR Mod (The Last Days)
(v 2.1 for 0.731)

The Magnificent Seven
(v 0.31 for .704 - 11/2)

Janus' Arena Expansion
(v 1.5.1 for .731 - 12/24)

Hundred Years War Mod
(v 3.2 for .711 - 12/27)

(v 1.2.0 for .711 - 12/23)

Keeper's Northern Kingdoms Mod
(v 0.482)

Winter Story Mod
(v 0.52 for 0.731)

Maw's Murder Mod
(v 0.7c)

1066 Invasion Mod
(v 0.3)

Galicia Mod
(v 0.13)

Yoshi's Pirates Mod
(v 1.3 for M&B 0.731)

Roma Invicta Beta Add-on
(v 2.0 for M&B 0.731)

Angelo85's Vanilla Expansion Mod
(v 0.50 for .731 - 03/05)


Mini Gameplay Mods

Horse Trader Mini-Mod
(v 1.0 - 1/3)

Yoshi's 21 Fish Mod
(v 0.2 - 1/7)

Knights & Merchants Mod
(v 0.5)

Arena add-on by Septa Scarabae


Mods in Development (Long term Projects)

M&B: Onin no Ran

Info: A total conversion for mount and blade set in ancient Japan. Our main aim is historical correctness to simulate a true breath taking experience for anyone. The mod is currently under heavy development and no release date is set.

Roman Mod


Jackychan's Lord of the Rings Mod


Wild West Mod


Renaissance Mod

Info: v 0.2

Big Mod

Info: just started

The Mesoamerican Project

Info: Recruiting

Path To Glory

Info: Recruiting

Britannia Mod

Info: Beta status

Vampire Mod

Info: First test version released

Myth: The Fallen Lords

Info: Waiting for new animations. Map completed.

Age of Ash - Post-Apocalyptic Mod

Info: Set in the far future after a nuclear war. Early development.

A Song of Ice and Fire

Info: Based on the intrigue plagued, war-torn world of the author George R R Martin. Map finished.

Dynasty Warrior/Romance of Three Kingdoms Mod


Wheel of Time Mod or email ([email protected]) Dread_AUS

Info: Recruiting. Need Texture Artists, Modellers. Map is nearly complete.

Golden Horde Project

Info: Based on Mongol Invasions during history.

Khalid's Lombard Leagues

Info: set in historical Italy, this mod will have ground-breaking new features including City Politics and Intrigue.


New Mods Announced / Mod Ideas

Viking Mod

The Saga of Arthur

The Second Crusade

Aquilonia ('Conan') Mod

Fable Mod

Star Wars Mod


Mod Tools and Editors

Mod Tools Released

Unofficial Mount & Blade Editor
(v 0.304 for .704 - 12/3)

M&B Model Importer (alpha release)
(alpha for .710 - 11/23)

Thorgrim's Map Editor
(v 0.72 for .710 - 1/9)

Mod Installer Script for Mod Authors
(v 1.2 for .710 - 12/9) 

Fisheye's OBJ to BRF collision model converter
(compatible with .711)

Texture & Material Editor by Simpson


Mod Tools in Development

Mod Merge/Diff Tool


Graphics/Sound Mods

Graphics Mods that have been Released

Renaissance Weapons Pack
(for .710 - 7/12)

[P]aradox Minimod: Greatsword

Raz English Pig Bascinet + Gothic Sallet

LostLamb's Armors
(for ? - 6/9)

Checkmaty's Sound Mod

n008's HugeMod
(v 2.0 for .632 - 8/20)

Kings and Kingdoms® Music Mod

War-rider Sound pack

Dablade's Textures pack


Graphics Mods in Development

High Def Graphics Mod


Other Mods

Other Mods that have been Released

Battle Size Changer for .730

Hardclyff's Battle Size Changer
(for .711 - 10/8')


Other Mods in Development


Modding Information / Tutorials

Python Scripts



Modding Tutorials

Font Editing Tutorial


New town models by Thorgrim (about halfway down)

Making new towns -- a primer by Khalid ibn Walid

Thorgrim's Example Map (this may already be listed)

Simple Barrel UV mapping by Peter Chovanec
A guide to using wings 3D (free) to UV map your object

Add New Items to Mount and Blade: VIDEO TUTORIAL by n00854180t

Adding new items to mount and blade using Wings 3d (free) by Yoshiboy

Module-separated Resources Guide by Janus
(a guide keeping all of a mods resources within it's folder in the Modules directory, rather than overwriting BRF and texture files in the root M&B installation.)

Thanks Deus Ex.

BRF Maker Tutorial (for making Collision Objects) - by Fisheye

Newbie Modders Tutorial by Fisheye

Creating New Items Tutorial by Septa Scarabae

UV Mapping: Plate Tutorial by PeterC

UV Mapping: Shroom Tutorial by PeterC

UV Mapping: Jack O'Lantern Tutorial by PeterC

Wings 3D Tutorial

Making a Sword in Wings Tutorial by [unknown]

Puzzled Paul's Wings 3D Website


Gaming Tutorials

Diagram of troop types in M&B


Other Tutorials


Mod Source Files

Mod Sources Files


Ben Hussey

Sergeant Knight
cheers, I have just put links to other compilation threads, like the editing tools threads etc to save putting each and every one in.

Deus Ex

Sergeant Knight at Arms
Ealdormann Hussey said:
cheers, I have just put links to other compilation threads, like the editing tools threads etc to save putting each and every one in.
Well done.  Many thanks for taking on this task.  It will  help tremendously.



Knight at Arms
Just want to say 'RPGmod' isn't a mod. It's a topic for discussion. I'm not going to do it, at least not for months, maybe never. I don't want people bugging me about updates... Put it in a new section called Mod ideas (like I had in my thread).
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