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I do not think. Tried it a little while ago and there were some bugs if you tried to use it. I saw a note though that an update was in the works though.

' Diplomacy    Additional Content    4.3    22/09/2012    1.153 (currently working on 1.158 update)    ',292654.0.html
I'm using Diplomacy 4.3 With M&B Warband 1.153 and I didn't find any significant bugs or issues.

Does anyone have the changelog from 1.153 to current (1.15:cool:?

Edit: Although 1.153 works fine, don't drink and siege anyway (you may begin to see things like your men floating). Drink, but on the tavern after the siege.

estevesbk said:
you may begin to see things like your men floating

This bug is present for me in 1.158. It happens when your men go up the siege tower when it's being pushed towards the wall.
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