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About the mod

A Mod set in the in 218 B.C
This is the era before the mighty Carthaginians fell,
before Greece was conquered,
and before the tribes of the north were demolished.

In the North; barbarians fight each other, but Rome is a growing threat.
The barbarians fight to keep what is theirs. Their land, their ways of life.
Their gods desire blood! Roman blood!

In the East; Greece is struggling to hold their traditions.
After Alexander, they'll have to rebuild what was once theirs.
They will not surrender, not to Rome!

In the South; Rome's strongest and most cunning enemy, Carthage, are out for vengeance.
There's only room on this earth for one of them,
for one empire!

Rome is surrounded on all fronts.
Will the Republic win like they did 100 years prior to these events?
Or will Rome burn, and witness their own destruction?

It's up to you to decide.
Will you help Rome conquer the world? And build an empire that will rule for another 600 years?
Will you choose to aid in Rome's demise?

The choice is yours, you decide.


Roman Republic
Leader: Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus

Strengths: Strong well armoured Infantry equipted with Pillums
Weaknesses: Weak Archers.

Germanic Tribes
Leader: Chieftain Bruno

Strengths: Strongest Infantry, supported by very good Archers.
Weaknesses: Lightly armoured, and small or no shields on most troops.

Leader: Chieftain Togodumnus

Strengths: Very good Skirmisher supported by fast moving infantry
Weaknesses: No armour.

Gallic Tribes
Leader: Chieftain Viridomarus

Strengths: a Mix of Medium Infantry,good Cavalry and good Archers
Weaknesses: many troops are lighly armoured.

Leader: Hasdrubal the Boeotarch

Strengths: Heavy armoured troops, combined with Elephants and decent Skirmishers.
Weaknesses: Slow moving armies with limited ranged support.

Dacian Tribes
Leader: King Zyraxes

Strengths: Very Good Infantry supported by medium range archers.
Weaknesses: Weak but fast moving Cavalry.

The Greek City States
Leader: King Eumenes II Soter

Strengths: Good Infantry supported by Heavy Cavalry.
Weaknesses: weak Archers, and slow moving men.

Leader: King Scylas

Strengths: The best Cavalry force. Heavy armoured nobles supported by Horse Archers.
Weaknesses: They Lack Infantry.

Kingdom of Macedonia
Leader: King Philip V "Of Macedonia"

Strengths: Heavy armoured men, and Companion Cavalry
Weaknesses: Some of thier weapons are too long, and slow.

Leader: King Seuthes IV

Strengths: Very good light troops, supported by the best Skirmishers.
Weaknesses: They have no long range troops of any kind.

Iberian Tribes
Leader: King Viriathus

Strengths: Good Medium infantry, with javelins.
Weaknesses: Thier cavalry and Archers lack the power of thier neighboor's Carthage and Gaul.

Illyrian Tribes
Leader: King Gentius

Strengths: A Very good mix of light infantry,skirmishers and Light/Medium Cavalry
Weaknesses: Their armour compared to thier neighboors greece,thrace and Rome is bad. only thier true elite wear armour.

Leader: King Ateas

Strengths: Male and Female Riders, Heavy Cavalry, Supported by Foot and Horse Archers
Weaknesses: They Lack melee Infantry.

Mod Team

Dion/Folcwar: Coder, Mod Leader
DumbMan900BC: Coder, Mod Leader
Aenima: Mapper
Bsnott: Modeler
ajolin: Scener
Wulfila: Scener


3.0 Full Installer
Alternate Link -!cpwX3K4Y!e6Y5Jn37uLjpDbiatAARIXDoKZh1NMtvlBC_Ubm4exo


Jarvisimo, as well as the rest of the MnG team, for letting us use the excellent items of Mount&Gladius 1.0.

Alphadelta's Ancient Warrior Pack, for Gallic and Germanic items!

rgcotl: For awesome Greek items!

Ficus's Roman Pack!

leandrojas_ for his great work on the 'Mundus Magnus' map.

Count of Flanders for some awsome shields and swords from Imperium Romanum.

Vympel for awsome armors and helmets from Imperium Romanum.

Jaakko, for his Roman Era Buildings

OSP Indo-Persian Armor Pack - by dariel

Mount&Gladius v2.0 - by Llew

Teun, for the great collection of scenes that he has assisted us with, even if he is smelly

The Extra Invasion mod team, for the Elephant and Camel Model.

And finally Raidonrai because he's just such a cool guy.

The Specialist's OSP Models

Slawomir of Aaarrghh for his tavern osp pack
If I missed someone please PM me.


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Plans for next patch!
  • 3 new factions, Iberia,Pontus and Macedonia.
  • Alot of new armors and shields.
  • Hopefully new scenes.
  • New troop trees for most factions.
  • Fixing the bugs we got now.
  • All lords and companions renamed and re-equipt.
  • Redone faces for lords and troops.


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For sceners.

This contains the scene props, So you guys can scene.
Just put it in the Romae Bellum folder.


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Deleted 2 daciian classes.

Takes away 4 roman armours since they were bugged.


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Note This link does not need the patches,


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next patch will be 2.2
we will balance some stuff out, also Admin tools and warcry and tuants will be added,(they are already in just need some testing)
It will just be some txt files, also I will add the texture patches both in to this so there can be no mistakes anymore.


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new patch

Changed and added:
Made the Roman 1 handed skill better, so the gladius now does more damamge and is faster!
Made archers less fast and accurate
Basicly made the Germans use axes a bit slower,(Not much)
Gave the triarii the best gladius and Pillums back
Doru is now a lance, (couchable)
Infantry is no longer able to pick up bows
Archers are not able to mount horses anymore(Scythia still..... duhhh!)

Madadmin tools, wich also includes war cry and taunts!


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2.2 Full Installer
more to come*

This is Romae Bellum 2.2 Gameway-wise nothing has changed, install wise something has. from now on we will be using a auto installer wich will detect your mount&Blade warbad folder and install it to that location, neat eh? have fun, hopefully this will fix all the trouble concerning the install problems. addition to those who has accomplished to install the patch.

Rename you romae bellum folder from "Romae Bellum 2.1" to "Romae_Bellum 2.2"


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well we need sceners!
What do we even need you to make?

Barbarian town, villages, forts,
Roman Town,villages Forts,
Carthaginian Villages, Town and forts.


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extract these txt files, to your "whereever/Mount&Blade Warband/Modules/Romae_Bellum 2.3"
That will fix the crashes!


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thread updates, 4 new factions added to here now asswell. also all factions show thier own banner. :razz:


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Tomorrow, I shall be adding an alternate download link for you all to use, in case the other one doesn't work for you. Just informing you guys.


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Added an alternate download link in case the original one doesn't work.!cpwX3K4Y!e6Y5Jn37uLjpDbiatAARIXDoKZh1NMtvlBC_Ubm4exo


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3.01 - Done/to do List.

Fixed Multiplayer banners, they were all mixed and messed up.
Added new Bandits all across the map for Singleplayer.
Added new Mercenaries.
Added new troops for some factions, Macedonia, Germania, and some more, stated in suggestion thread. (singleplayer)
Add new spears to Greece, both Multiplayer and Singleplayer.
Change the Iberian spear in to a Lance, and remove it's side attacks.
Change Sarrisa in to a lance, and take away the shields from the infantry class.
add a foot companion class for Macedonian Multiplayer, with shields, and shorter spears, (a greek hoplite class)
New logo in the Warband Launcher.

To do
Split Scythia, into Sarmatia and Scythia.
New Loading screen.
Some UI changes.

#posted it in the suggestion thread, so you can also reply :razz:
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