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I absolutely love Bannerlord and I've been playing it non-stop ever since I got it two weeks ago. But what really annoys me is having to travel across the map to hunt down certain people along with other travel-related matters. While you're doing so, you can't interact with certain UIs (inventory, character, clan, etc..) without the game pausing which frustrates me more than it should because it really bottlenecks how much action-per-minute you can do in the game. You can save a lot of IRL time if you can do things like managing your troops/prisoners/fiefs, understanding the current politics while you're traveling.

I want to make a mod that prevents certain UI from pausing the game, and if possible make UIs windowed and resizable and have multiple windows opened at the same time... sorta mimic UIs of MMORPGs (I have no idea if it's possible with the Gauntlet framework). Any modders out there who can tell me whether this is possible?

(... while writing this I thought of another idea for a mod, which is automatic hostile avoidance when traveling on the map)

-Thanks in advance :smile:
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