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Mod idea collection: I want this mod.

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Once i was in the bath and had the idea of making a buddy film about a dwarf and elf living in 1980s east london, where Thatcher's a goblin, skinheads are orcs and miners are dwarves. So it could work. :lol:

I believe tolkien also planned a similar thing for his last book but died before it was finished.
jacobhinds said:
I always thought of elves as being middle-middle class suburbanites. Dropping their kids off to primary school in 4x4s and drinking wine and whatnot.

Sorry, blatantly breaking my own thread rule here....
That would be Gondorian, right? Bit decadent, bit affluent....

Elves need some sort of roller coaster psychology to go from fair minstrel to melancholy set-thy-self-adrift for the next world with a tear in the eye.....

Anyway, nuff o that. I love the idea in principle.
I always imagined to myself that elves lost out to humans during the industrial revolution. They weren't politically active and got screwed by the orc/dwarf-centric political system.

Had this idea while laying on my carpet: complete removal of the game's world map.

- The world map is replaced by a single scene.
- Parties are represented by individual troops.
- Battles are abstracted more effectively with fights between these troops. (Armour and skill is taken into account)
- Casualties are calculated by the remaining health of a "party" after these abstracted fights.
- The player has to move around the map, talking to the "parties" in situ, and doing quests as such.
- Real-time battles occur when the player meets an enemy on the world map and talks to him.
- The player can "autoresolve" by fighting 1v1 battles on this world map, although more casualties will be taken if the player takes damage.
- For balance, each army's world map representative is the average of all their current troops. Scripts will add health or strength depending on morale, location and so on.
- After a real-time battle, the player and the enemy party have a little scripted fight, possibly with some killmoves or other eyecandy.
- The map scene has miniature cities comprised of scene props on it. The player can go from place to place within these, although they're small enough that the map remains a decent size.
- The map also has actual terrain that causes parties to slow down or do worse in battles. Rivers and forests do what they would on a larger scale. Troops in cities get a bit of protection from missiles.

Technical stuff:
- Parties are "saved" and then loaded after scene changes via troop arrays. Their positions are stored as well as their equipment and ai initiative.
- Map ai is a mixture of some simple scripts and the battle ai. Individual "parties" can chase down other parties as usual, but take health and other things into account.
Basically, Persistent World in SP. Now, why would that be fun? Perhaps for a short, casual experience for people tired of too lengthy SP campaigns - that's an unfilled niche in SP and someone would fill it sooner or later.
I was thinking about how great would be a mod about the civil wars in my country in the 19th century, with gauchos and caudillos, knife fights, unitarios and federales, Uruguay, Chile, The Brazilian Empire, Paraguay, The southern aboriginal tribes, the influence of the british and the french and a lot of other stuff.
WARNING! Sorry for my bad English. My native language is French. Thus, seen my bad level in English, I had to translate my text hastily on a translation website.

I dream and I try for already one year (but in vain) to create a competitive naval multiplayer mod taking place during the golden age of the piracy or the napoleonic time. I wish to give to the community one "community mod" similar to Napoleonics Wars, in whom the players could create crews and be in confrontation in organized naval battles.

Several people will say that the engine of Mount and Blade: Warband makes impossible the creation of such a project. I answer them that it’s false if the community makes an effort and participates in the creation of such a mod. Several players demand this content for several years, but nobody has still managed to offer them such a type of gameplay. I think that it is the time to think of it; Mount and Blade: Warband constitutes the ideal game to create a gameplay of this kind (Warband holds probably the best melee system of all the video games of the same kind, Warband is the #1 video game regarding the proposal of historical content, Warband already has a solid base in term of gameplay naval: I think to The Deluge and the new DLC Viking Conquest, etc.).

I address now the whole community of Napoleonics Wars: the NW DLC is old-fashioned and gives up the ghost. It is the moment to change the gameplay, to propose something more original. According to me, the constitution of a competitive naval mod is the alternative which will attract several new players on Warband, and especially that will bring back many old players.

For all those interested, I invite you to contact me by PM. To say a few little things about me, I describe myself primarily as an idea man, but also an amateur game designer. I had begun a similar project several months ago (I had moreover detailed all the concept on paper within a document of around thirty pages), but I had to give up due to the lack of succession and of interest of the community of players and modders on Warband. I would defer to you today. In fact, it is simple; it’s up to you to offer your help if you wish to see such a project arriving on Warband one of these days. If that interests nobody, it is not graver than it, but I warn you that that will fall into oblivion afterward. It is thus your chance to be part of this project and to participate in creation of something unique. At least, it is the case for my part; I am there to help, naturally!

Again, sorry for my bad English.

Je mets ici le texte intégral en français pour les quelques lecteurs francophones qui consulteraient ce topic:

Je rêve et je tente depuis déjà un an (mais en vain) de créer a competitive naval multiplayer mod se déroulant durant l’époque de l’âge d’or de la piraterie ou l’époque napoléonienne. Je désire mettre à la disposition de la communauté un “mod communautaire” similaire à Napoleonics Wars, dans lequel les joueurs pourraient créer des équipages et s’affronter dans des batailles navales organisées.

Plusieurs diront que le moteur de Mount & Blade: Warband rend la constitution d’un tel projet impossible. Je leur réponds que c’est faux si la communauté met du sien et participe à la création d’un tel mode. Plusieurs joueurs réclament un tel contenu depuis plusieurs années, mais personne n’a encore réussi à leur offrir un tel type de gameplay. Je pense que c’est le temps d’y songer; Mount & Blade: Warband constitue la base idéale pour créer un mod de ce genre (Warband détient probablement le système de mêlée le mieux constitué de tous les jeux vidéo du même genre, Warband est le jeu vidéo numéro 1 en ce qui a trait à la proposition de contenus historiques, Warband a déjà une base solide en terme de gameplay naval : je pense à The Deluge ou bien le nouveau DLC Viking Conquest, etc.).

Je m’adresse maintenant à l’ensemble de la communauté de Napoleonics Wars: le jeu est désuet et en train de rend l’âme. C’est le moment de changer de gameplay, de proposer quelque chose de bien plus original. Selon moi, la constitution d’un competitive naval mod est l’alternative qui attirera de tout nouveaux joueurs, et surtout qui fera en sorte de ramener d’anciens joueurs sur Warband.

Pour tous ceux que ça intéresse, je vous invite à me contacter par MP. Pour en dire un peu sur moi, je peux me décrire comme étant un idéateur, mais aussi un game designer amateur. J’avais débuté un projet similaire il y a plusieurs mois (j’avais d’ailleurs détaillé tout le concept sur papier au sein d’un document d’une trentaine de pages), mais j’ai dû abandonner par manque de relève et d’intérêt de la part de la communauté de joueurs et de modder sur Warband. Je m’en remets donc à vous aujourd’hui. En fait, c’est simple; c’est à vous de proposer votre aide si vous désirez voir un tel projet arriver sur Warband un de ces jours. Si ça n’intéresse personne, ce n’est pas plus grave que cela, mais je vous préviens que ça tombera dans l’oubli après coup. C’est donc votre chance de faire partie de ce projet et de participer à création de quelque chose d’unique. Du moins, c’est le cas pour ma part; je suis là pour aider, bien évidemment!













Note: I'd like some feedback, not sure what to really outline, I was shocked this wasn't a mod yet.

The Witcher's World


"The sword of destiny has two edges, you are one of them."

Taking place in the famous universe of Andrzej Sapkowski's novels.

The Witcher's World is set just after the Second Nilfgaardian war of conquest against the Northern Kingdoms. Starting shortly before the formation of the Kingslayers and the events of the Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. The player is thrown into the world of the Witcher as a sellsword, sorcerer/sorceress, hunter, Witcher, knight, adventurer, or refugee/peasant of the wars simply trying to recover. The player can set out into the political/wartorn world of the Witchers to reshape the universe, spearheading a successful conquest of Nilfgaard over the Northern Kingdoms, or of the North over Nilfgaard, or usurping the throne of one of the monarchs as a power hungry character or member of the Council. The World of the Witcher is finally yours to explore with or without Geralt!



"Once, we were many- now we are few- hunters, killers of the world's filth- Witchers, the ultimate killing machines..."

Playing as a Witcher, while exponentially enhancing your attributes and fighting skills nets you negative relations with every perceivable character, (Other Witchers excluded) because of the mutations, you are seen as a freak. Hated by most people simply because you are different; everyone knows the sole purpose of a Witcher is to kill, seen as living weapons, Witchers are seen as a necessary evil, fighting fire with fire, Geralt; is the only Witcher looked upon favorably because of his adventures that are often gossiped about. Involving yourself in politics is extremely difficult because most lords see you as something worse then a commoner, however; there is no shortage of work to be had from lords- and common folk alike.

Hailing from one of the lesser known schools of Witchers, or at the very least a previously unknown survivor of the massacre at the school of the Wolf; Kaer Morhen. You bear a Witcher's medallion from your respective school of study.

The World


"****, stale sweat, vomit, these are the scents of any expanding empire." - King Henselt

[size=12pt]With the Peace of Cintra bringing a tense and uneasy peace to all Kingdoms, relations worsened, and the Northern Kingdoms once more began to plot against each other rather than fear Nilfgaard. With the expansionist monarch of Henselt just North of a desperately weak Aedirn, and an expanded Temeria to the West. conquest doesn't discriminate between Northerners any longer.
Since the 3D assets were released open source by CD Projekt RED(I think for use in other mods), I think I would give it a shot with Bannerlord.
I want a mod where there is gore everywhere and everything is metal as **** the soundtrack consist on amon amarth, dethklok, cannibal corpse, debauchery and Death

and every attack shout is a gultural growl from george corpsegrinder fisher

every armor is retardly huge and disproportional, giant gauntlets and shoulder pads

Every lord name must be metal as **** like

King Ronald ''Brain Smasher'' Johnson or

Jarl Skwisgaar ''Impaler of souls'' Skwisgaalf

also you dont kick people you punch'em

There is also long hair and i mean LONG HAIR because everyone is a metal head and every unit on the game is unbalanced as ****

the factions would be

The Kingdom of Tears, where everyone would be a screamo guy and they would have the weekiest ****ing units

The Death Realm  with would be a the death metal realm it would have the most metal and powerfull freakin units on the games

Sodomized Slayers from Hell would be the trashmetal kingdom realm land, they have ok troops

The Satanic Black Land, black metal lurks here they have white faces and they scream like the devil they are fast and scary and strong

i dont know anymore, someone make it happen
We need some 'movie' mod.

Imagine a mod where every Lord party is replaced with a famous movie actor. They wouldn't be fighting for the throne, they'd be fighting for the Oscars or something. So, it's basically a free-for-all, where the player chooses his own actor and tries to beat every other actor going for an Oscar. There wouldn't be factions, as it'd be a free-for-all (well, I guess there would, but it'd be one faction for each Lord).

In battles, all the medieval armor and weapons would be replaced with cool movie props. There would be laser pistols, lightsabers, machineguns, machetes, assassin blades, everything! The machineguns' sounds would be all "Pew pew pew!".

Now, how cool would that be?
I recently have been playing the L'Aigle mod (which is fantastic), and I was curious how hard it would be to edit the Battletime mod inside of it.

Something Singleplayer like native.
More realistic economy and settlement supplies system.
More realistic balancing and usage and accuracy and reload limits of weapons (not like the MG speed crossbows floris has)
More realistic armours.
Generally more realism.  :razz:
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