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Greetings Everyone,

I come from the Warband Mod Event community, a community of over 400 people who organise and administer weekly events in various Warband mods. We currently have weekly events in Iron Europe, The Deluge, Bear Force II and Red&Blue: 1936. In addition, our community votes from a selection of 5-5 Warband mods for each Friday and Saturday, when we do our weekly, recurring mod events. We try to feature every multiplayer Warband mod out there, and have been doing so successfully for over two years now. Our community includes roles for clans and regiments, but is entirely open to the public as well!

Our aim is to keep the Warband multiplayer community alive, and to showcase old and new multiplayer mods each week, so that we all can have a good time together in a non-toxic, acceptive environment. Our community contains Native clans, Napoleonic Wars regiments and dozens of participating public players from The Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.

In case you are interested in attending such events, please join our Discord community at Here you will find more information about our events, including our weekly event schedule. Everyone is more than welcome to join!

Kind Regards,

Marth The Gryphonhearted
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