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I. Overview
This is a full standalone version of Ver. 3.0. and is based on the previous versions. Earlier versions of the mod are not needed. This mod will work with Warband versions 1.166 and higher. Please note that this version is not save-game compatible with previous versions, although you may import a character used in earlier version.

II. Summary of Major Mod Features
Calradia 1050 A.D. Mercenary Uprising V. 3.0 is built on the following major modifications for Warband:

  • Diplomacy 4.2. Credit: Waihti, hessuu, fisheye, rubik, jrider, Mjöllnir, Akmar Nibelung and zParsifal
  • Pre-Battle Orders and Deployment (PBOD).92 including Formations (with some code from PBOD .96 to fix an opcode error). Credit: Caba`Drin (PBOD) & motomataru (formations).
  • Freelancer 1.51. (with several fixes from Floris 2.55 and some modified code by me). Credit: Taragoth for original code and Floris Mod Team for fixes.
  • JacobHinds improved morale and routing system code. This replaces the morale and routing code in the Formations code. Credit: JacobHinds at Taleworlds Forum.
  • Three added factions (Keltons, Khergiz, and Geroians). Credit: Redleg
  • My own modification of troop recruiting including town and castle recruitment and manor recruitment as well as customizable troops. Credit: I modified code by Laszers (town/castle recruitment) and modified Bismark's custom kingdom troop code from his Native Mod Compilation source to use for my custom troops, including several of my own fixes to his original code to fix a few glitches.
Other features are discussed in their respective section below and in the full credits list for Ver. 3.0.

III. Recommended in-game Settings
In the PBOD settings I like to turn off special orders for AI. This prevents the enemy archers from avoiding melee and using volley fire. The reason I like this turned off is that when activated often causes the archers to run around like headless chickens when you get close enough to them. They switch rapidly between bows and side-arms and are thus not effective as a fighting force. With this option off, archers behave more like crossbowmen, who will slowly back away from the approaching enemy while still being able to effectively use their ranged weapons. Crossbowmen are not effected by this setting because they weren't coded to avoid melee the same way as archers.
In PBOD settings you can reassign certain control keys. For example, a number of players don't like using the shield-bash and reassign that key to one that they don't use.
You should set both PBOD and Diplomacy preferences when you start a new game.

IV. Backstory (updated for Version 3)
It is the year 1050 in Calradia. The Calradian Empire has just recently collapsed after years of battles with the invaders and bloody internal revolts. The upstart kingdoms are fighting to hold onto their own lands and to grab some of their neighbors' lands. The Kindgom of Swadia occupies what was the western part of the old Empire while The Eastern Province occupies what was the Eastern part. The Nords and the Vaegirs have secured their own lands and are threatening Swadia from the north and north-east. The Rhodoks have split from the Swadians and have formed a republic to the south and are now butting up against the newcomer Sarranids, who are eager to expand their own kingdom into the lands north of the great desert. They are preparing to mount a counter-offensive to the north and east to regain their lands.

But there are other forces at work in Calradia. Three mercenary peoples have grown in strength and are now threatening their neighbors in Calradia. The Kelton Folcmaegen, many of whom fought ably as mercenaries for the Old Empire, retreated to the fertile lands south of Shariz along the coast when the Old Empire finally fell into ruin. They built a town and three strong castles and prospered in the years since the fall of the Empire. Their troops are seasoned, well trained, and tough, having very good infantry, archers, and skirmishers. Their castles are well-manned and their leaders are eager to take war to their former enemies. The Keltons have recently captured Starfall Castle from the Sarranids.

In the far eastern steppes, the Khergiz Tribe, long serving as auxillary troops to the eastern Calradian lords, and more recently to the Eastern Province, are gathering their numbers. They are no longer content with serving others and have set their sight on taking new lands for themselves. They have already occupied 4 strong border fortresses abandoned by the Old Empire, and are calculating which neighboring kingdom they should attack first. Whatever they decide, the Khergiz will make their mark, because they are going introduce a new style of warfare to the other kingdoms. While the other kingdoms of Calradia have only recently begun to develop their own cavalry arms, the Khergiz are masters of mounted combat and will field armies with numbers of mounted warriors never seen before in Calradia. The horde is restless and is galvanizing itself for war.

In the north-eastern portion of the great desert, the Geroians have established a Duchy with a capitol in Barrilon, which had been named Barriye by the Sarranids. These Geroians had served the Old Empire and when it fell, sought whatever lands they could take and hold for themselves, driving the new-comer Sarranids out of that part of the desert and establishing a line of castles as far north as Asugan castle. The Geroians, not favoring ruling a desert land, are eager to expand northwards into the Eastern Province and perhaps even nort-east into the lands of the Khergiz tribe. The Geroians, aware of the increasingly important role of horses in Calradia have built a strong cavalry arm that is supported by well-equipped and well-trained infantry and crossbowmen. But will their heavy cavalry be able to stand up to the Khergit mounted horde?

Other former mercenaries, without their own land, live to plunder the rich caravans and farms of central Calradia. These masterless men have no single leader yet, but some of their bolder captains seek to unite all the bands together under one banner and thus make their own kingdom among the warring kingdoms of Calradia. Only time will tell if they have the will and strength to unite.

V. Changelist for Version 3.0
Version 3.0 is a full standalone mod that is built from Version 2.52 but is not save-game compatible with Ver. 2.52. Ver. 3.0 incorporates both of the Ver. 2.52 patches and a number of other changes. The changes below reflect only those made for Ver. 3.0. Previous version changelists are shown in their respective pages.

The castle recruitment of professional troops has been modified to make the troops match the current faction owning the town/castle.
Refer also to the fixes made in patch 1 and patch 2 for ver. 2.52 (shown below).

Known Issues (none new to this version)
1. I have been unable to determine the cause of the opcode error that sometimes occurs when raiding a village. This error appears to have no impact on game-play and you may not notice it when it happens.

2. I have not been able to fix the fort demolition bug in the outpost feature nor have I found any fix for it posted at Taleworlds forums. I have therefore disabled the option to demolish your fort. Be advised that once you build it you won't be able to destroy it.

3. Due to the complex way family affilations and lord characteristics are handled in and to my inability to completely understand the code, the ages of the lords and ladies of the two new factions might be strange. For example, a father might be 35 years old and have a 25 year old son. This is due to the fact that both of the new factions have fewer than 20 lords and 20 ladies. I had to define ages and family relations in the scripts so that the new faction lords would not be related to lords from other faction. For some reason, however, their assigned ages get overwritten during the compilation process. The ages of the lords and ladies is really only a small annoyance but I did want to let you know so that you won't feel compelled to tell me about it. I spent quite a bit of time working on this but gave up rather than stalling the mod. I might return to it at a later time.

Major Gameplay Changes for Ver. 3.0

1. Added a ninth faction, the Duchy of Geroia, in the southeastern Desert area. This faction has 1 ruler and 10 lords and ladies. The Geroians are based on images of Ottonian era German troops of the Holy Roman Empire. As the other factions, they have a common troop line and a professional troop line. Since they are a smaller faction, I have given them very good infantry and cavalry and crossbowmen. Their elite troop is called "elite ritter." I also gave their skirmishers pretty good stats just to round them out since they are a smaller faction. They are equipped similarly to the Swadians in my mod except without the surcoats or jupons over their armor like many of my Swadian troops have. The Geroians use heater shields and the mounted troops have pot helms while the professional foot soldiers use bascinets. The common troops use kettle helmets at the higher levels, simpler helms and hats at lower levels. I tried to give the Geroians (and all factions) a distinctive look and armor and weapons that are somewhat consistent with the time period.

2. Modified the character creation process. The player will be able to choose among the 9 cultures of Calradia at the start of the game (the 6 native cultures plus the three added factions of Keltons, Khergiz, and Geroians). The culture chosen will determine the default player kingdom troops when the player becomes king (instead of the default Swadian troops). Since you will be forced to choose your culture at start, you should avoid the option of speaking to your chancellor to change your kingdom culture, as this won't work properly. This new coding took was a somewhat complex process in order to make it compatible with the existing recruiting features.

3. Implemented JacobHinds improved morale and routing system. This improves upon the native/formations AI morale and routing code by being more efficient and using fewer PC resources while achieving similar ends. I found that this improved the framerate of battles by about 5 FPS and the overall smoothness of battles (i.e., less variability in framerate).

4. Expanded the Customizable Troops feature. Players will still be able to build a barracks in towns/castles they own to create customizable professional troops. I have boosted the weapons proficiencies for these troops to make them more advantageous to have. I have also modified their inventories to allow more choices in armors. In this version, I have replaced the faction scout troops (hired through the village manor) with a custom foot soldier line hired through the village manor. The advantage of this should be apparent: you will be able to hire a good quality customizable troop through any village you own that has a manor. The customizable troops have a variety of armor and weapons to select from and are quite good in terms of weapons proficiencies and combat-related capabilities. Once a manor is built, you will be able to hire troops there so long as your faction owns the village. If a manor exists in the village, you will still have the choice of hiring the village's regular troops or the manor troops.

Troop Changes
1. Replaced the faction special scout troops (hired from village manors) with customizable troops (as explained above in expanded customizable troop feature).

2. I have expanded the types of "honor troops" that can be gotten. For example, in v2.52, if the player has honor of 10 or higher, they will occasionally be sought out by 3 different types of troops for hire. For v.3 I have created another higher level of troops that can only be hired when the player's honor is 20 or higher.

3. Expanded the Nord professional line by adding a Nord Thane (level 30) and changing the Nord Hirdmann to level 25 instead of 30. The Nord Professional will branch into either the Nord Warrior or Nord Hirdmann. The Nord Thane upgrades to Elite Thane so now the Nords can upgrade to two different elite infantry troops, the only faction having 2 elite troops. The Hirdmann, Thane, and Elite Thane have high throwing and melee proficiencies.

4. Changed the Vaegir elite troop into a mounted archer (Elite Bogatyr)who upgrades from the Druzhina archer. This was one of the options I had considered that seemed to appeal to several players who responded to a poll I posted at the mod's topic at the Taleworlds Forums.

5. Added a level 25 commoner Khergiz master horse archer. This is the highest level khergiz commoner troop.

6. Added more equipment to the custom troops to allow the player to better customize them. For example, there are now a range of faction armors available to custom troops. There is a hardcoded limit on the size of the inventory and exceeding that will crash the game at loading.

7. Added Pennon Sergeants to each of the faction troop trees. These sergeants carry faction banners and can use the banner as a effective weapon. I have coded them so that they cannot be captured by npc lords (and therefore won't show up in another faction's warband carrying the wrong banner).

8. I made a good number of changes to the troop equipment to provide more variability and also to make the factions more distict from each other. I won't take the time to document all these changes.

Scene Changes
1. Reverted to native random desert scene for battles. Now there are no trees but the maps are regular size.
2. Created 5 static steppe and 5 static steppe forest scenes for battles to do away with the frequently generated and unrealistic steep cliffs and mountainsides when fighting in the steppe areas. The game will randomly choose which scene to use.

Campaign Map Changes
1. Added more wooded areas to both Kelton and Khergiz lands.
2. New desert texture from Realistic Colors and Taller Grass by Lucke.

Miscellaneous Script Changes
1. Made it more difficult for lords to be indicted (changed relations needed for indictment from -75 to -99). Lords will therefore stick around their original factions longer.
2. Revenue for slave labor at salt mine reduced by 50%.
3. Code to prevent AI lords from capturing enemy Pennon Sergeants.

New Items (armors and weapons since previous version)
  • Redserf- several armors from OSP
  • Spak- several weapons from OSP
  • Raptor- several weapons from OSP
  • Smiley- helmets from OSP
  • Bogmir- several weapons from OSP
  • Leinnan and Lotnik- spear and helmt from OSP
  • Hispania 1200- shader for battle banners
  • Sacred Stone Head (SSH)- items from Nord Armor Set
For the Complete Credits List, select the button labeled Complete Credits List.

If I have somehow omitted your own work from the list, I apologize for the oversight. Please PM me at Redleg99 is my user name. You can also PM me at if you are a member there. My user name is Redleg.

Main Gameplay Coded Features
  • Diplomacy 4.2. Credit: Waihti, hessuu, fisheye, rubik, jrider, Mjöllnir, Akmar Nibelung and zParsifal
  • Pre-Battle Orders and Deployment (PBOD).92 including Formations (with some code from PBOD .96 to fix an opcode error). Credit: Caba`Drin (PBOD) & motomataru (formations).
  • Freelancer 1.51. (with several fixes from Floris 2.55 and modifications to parts of code by me). Credit: Taragoth for original code and Floris Mod Team for fixes.
  • JacobHinds improved morale and routing system code. This replaces the morale and routing code in the Formations code. Credit: JacobHinds at Taleworlds Forum.
  • Three added factions (Keltons, Khergiz, and Geroians). Credit: Redleg
  • My own modification of troop recruiting including town and castle recruitment and manor recruitment as well as customizable troops. Credits: Redleg modified code by Laszers (town/castle recruitment) and modified Bismark's custom kingdom troop code from his Native Mod Compilation source to use for my custom troops, including several of my own fixes to his original code to fix a few glitches.

Other Mini-mods and Codes
  • Tavern Animations and Sounds. Credit: Daedalus / Slawomir of Aaarrghh (I included the tavern traveler modifications suggested by Stan in the Taleworlds Forum for the OSP Tavern)
  • Bridge Battles Kit. Credit: Arch3r
  • Banking Kit (Landlords and Moneylenders). Credit: Duh.
  • Outposts Kit v0.8. Credit: Lumos with help of cdvader, Caba`drin, bobirov, Dawg of War, L00ter, and Nordous.
  • Permanent Camp v0.2 (OSP). Credit: Alex_NG
  • Perfect Troop Tree Presentation. Credit: Rubik.
  • Recruit troops from castles and towns. Credit: Laszers. (I modified the scripts and created a simple trigger to replenish supply of available recruits every 30 days). I have further modified to make compatible with the new custom troops recruitment feature for Ver. 3.0.
  • Auto-sort troops in castles. Credit: Rubik.
  • Spear Two-Attack Direction animation and code. Credit: Hoboistice.
  • Combat Animation Enhancement v5.0. Credit: Papa Lazarou
  • Salt Mines to have your prisoners earn you money each week. Credit: Tocan (code from Tocan's Calradia).
  • Buy troops rest time in the tavern to improve morale. Credit: Tocan (code modified from Tocan's Calradia).
  • Kill count showing enemies killed by player and by NPCs Credit: Taragoth (from Freelancer 1.50).
  • Script to guarantee all melee weapons (OSP). Credit: SonKidd, with mission templates modification suggested by Thorberg. I modified and used this script to force all pennon sergeants (new to V. 3.0) to also spawn with the side-arms in their inventory. I also modified this script to guarantee all skirmishers with throwing weapons.
  • Code that increases max party size for owning a fief, owning castles, being a marshal, or being king. Credit Caba 'drin.
  • Script that allows raids to be broken off by the player. Credit: Caba`Drin.
  • Added a modified version of Tocan's Calradia code to have liege give the player armor after becoming a vassal.
  • Rongar's “Factionize Items” code to help limit faction-specific items to their faction towns. This code worked fairly well, although there may be a few items that I forgot to designate to the faction that will show up in other shops. Credit: Rongar.
  • The honor troops recruitment event is my modification of code used for a similar event in the Brytenwalda mod. Credit: Brytenwalda Mod Team.

Armor and Weapons Items (Used in various versions)
  • 1429 Edition mod team - bill weapon
  • AD 1257 mod- Varangian Helmet
  • Akosmo OSP pack - various weapons
  • Al Manseur- selected helmets
  • Alpha Delta's Ancient Warriors- selected armors
  • Alpha Delta's Viking Pack - selected armors
  • Aquietfrog's lamellar texture
  • ARriad's Mace Pack
  • Battle of Europe OSP- several armors.
  • Bloc's Northerner Horses- 4 northerner horses
  • Bogmir- several weapons from OSP
  • Brego OSP- selected armors
  • BrustwarzenLenny Nord Armors- selected armors
  • BrustwarzenLenny Shields - selected shields
  • Brytenwalda Mod Team- selected armors and weapons
  • Count of Westeros - armors
  • Crusader Way to Expiation (CWE) mod team- selected armors and shields
  • Dariel Indo-Person OSP II - several weapons and helmet
  • Dejawulf- selected helmets
  • Dejawulf's Viking Packs- selected armors
  • Dia151 - various lances
  • Dia151 Arab Equipment OSP- selected armors
  • Dia151 Mongol Armor Pack- Mongol armor.
  • DNO Historical Wars mod team - various weapons and armor
  • DRZ Armors- selected armors
  • Faradon Items – weapons and helmets
  • Fred's Bunch of Armors- selected armors
  • Frell's Kazakh Armor pack – selected armor
  • Gluck's maces pack – selected maces
  • Gothic Knight's Dark Ages OSP v 1.50- selected weapons
  • Gothic Knight's HalfCataphracts – selected horses
  • Gothic Knight's Spangenhelm model and textures- selected helms
  • Hans Weapons Pack - mongol cap
  • Hispania 1200- shader for battle banners
  • IgorBB – more body armors, helmets, and weapons
  • IgorBB OSP (2015 update): selected armors and helmets
  • IgorBB OSP- selected weapons
  • Kojjam's Viking Swords OSP- selected weapons
  • Kovas items BTWK- selected armor and shields
  • Leinnan and Lotnik- spear and helmt from OSP
  • Leonion's Native Armor OSP which combines Native meshes with different native textures which were re-mapped to the mesh.
  • Life Erikson - selected weapons and armor
  • Llew's OSP Mount & Gladius- selected armors, weapons, shields
  • Lucas OSP Weapons packs I,II, and III- selected weapons
  • Mackie Weapons OSP- selected weapons
  • Narf's Rus Armour_Pack v1.3- selected armors
  • Njunja_eastern_1.5- selected armors
  • Ohagi's Armor Pack OSP (Kai)- some armors
  • Open Source Project Weapons – several weapons
  • OSP XIII Century Eastern Europe, parts I and II- selected armors
  • Pino Armor Packs (Vol. 2 v1.4, v1.2, faction packs)- selected armors
  • Raptor OSP- selected weapons.
  • Rathos 7-11 Century OSP (Saxon and Norman)- selected weapons and armor
  • Rathos Helmets- selected helmets
  • Rathos Weapons Pack- selected weapons
  • Redserf- several armors from OSP
  • Rigadoon Daggers OSP- several knives
  • Russia 13th Century: Way of the Warrior mod- selected armor and weapons.
  • Sacred Stone Head (SSH)- items from Nord Armor Set
  • Shik - various weapons
  • Sly's Armor Pack - helmet
  • Smiley- helmets from OSP
  • Sonyer OSP- selected armor
  • Spak OSP Items- selected weapons.
  • Spak- several weapons from OSP
  • Stepan Dinavoa OSP- armor.
  • Stonehead Saxon - selected weapons, armor
  • Talak Unique Armory- selected weapons
  • TGAA Ancient Armory- selected armor and weapons
  • Thicke OSP Item Variants - various armors
  • TLD mod team - various armors and weapons
  • Waewulf's Light Armor Pack- selected armor
  • Wanderer's YesMoreHorses v 5.0- selected horses
  • WEe's Helmets OSP- selected helmets
  • Wei Xiadi Armour Project v1.1- selected armor
  • Yoman's Helmets OSP 1.2- selected helmets

OSP Scenes
  • Native Castle and Towns siege scenes replaced by Quasar's Siege Ladders pack v1.24. Credit: Quasar.
  • Aderkan Town Scenes: Ruthven's scenes of Narra. Credit: Ruthven.
  • Heardburgh Castle scene: wooden castle (“grasslands fort”) from the Nordous Sceners Guild OSP. I modified the entry points to make it work with single-player. Credit: Nordous Sceners Guild
  • Bridge Battle scenes. Credit: Arch3r
  • Historic Castles Project - the British Isles v1.2. (3 used for Kelton castles). Credit: Adorno
  • OSP 8 Castles by dxaero4 (4 used for Khergiz castles). Credit: dxaero4
  • Town of Ashford exterior (for Keltons). I modified the siege scene entry point for defenders. Credit: Lord Canute
  • Starfall Castle exterior (for Keltons). Credit: Lord Canute
  • Outpost and Fort scenes for the Outpost Kit. Credit: Nordous

Graphics and Sound Mods
  • Realistic Colors and Taller Grass v1.22 Credit: Lucke189
  • More Metal Sounds v2.2. Credit: Checkmaty
  • Sounds from Tavern Animation Pack. Credit: Daedalus / Slawomir of Aaarrghh
  • Female Faces v1.3 for WARBAND Credit: Barf and Broken One
  • Male faces (selected). Credit: JedQ
  • Expanded Horizons v1.1. Credit: Openshaw
  • Quapittiy's Banners OSP for 2 new banner sets. Credit: Quapittiy

For information about previous versions of the mod, go to the thread for Features of Version 2.52.
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