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Sergeant Knight at Arms
The following are the main features and credits for version 2.52 of the mod. The changelogs for versions 1.11, 2.0, 2.5, 2.51, and 2.52 are shown in a spoilers after the features and credits. Version 2.52 works with Warband 1.172 down to 1.153.

Main Gameplay Features
Diplomacy 4.2. Credit: Waihti, hessuu, fisheye, rubik, jrider, Mjöllnir, Akmar Nibelung and zParsifal
Pre-Battle Orders and Deployment (PBOD).92 including Formations (with some code from PBOD .96 to fix an error). Credit: Caba`Drin (PBOD) & motomataru (formations).
Freelancer 1.51 (with several fixes from Floris 2.55). Credit: Taragoth.
Two additional factions: the Keltons and the Khergiz.

Other Mini Mods and Codes
Tavern Animations and Sounds. Credit: Daedalus / Slawomir of Aaarrghh (I included the tavern traveler modifications suggested by Stan233 in the Taleworlds Forum for the OSP Tavern)
Bridge Battles Kit. Credit: Arch3r
Banking Kit (Landlords and Moneylenders). Credit: Duh.
Outposts Kit v0.8. Credit: Lumos with help of cdvader, Caba`drin, bobirov, Dawg of War, L00ter, and Nordous.
Permanent Camp v0.2 (OSP). Credit: Alex_NG
Dynamic Troop Tree Presentation. Credit: Dunde.
Perfect Troop Tree Presentation. Credit: Rubik.
Recruit troops from castles and towns. Credit: Laszers. (I modified the scripts and created a simple trigger to replenish supply of available recruits every 30 days. The Player must have 200 renown and non-negative relations with faction to recruit young noble troops).
Auto-sort troops in castles. Credit: Rubik.
Spear Two-Attack Direction animation and code. Credit: Sahran.
Combat Animation Enhancement v5.0. Credit: Papa Lazarou
Salt Mines to have your prisoners earn you money each week. Credit: Tocan (code from Tocan's Calradia).
Kill count showing enemies killed by player and by NPCs Credit: Taragoth (from Freelancer 1.50).
Script to guarantee all melee weapons (OSP). Credit: SonKidd, with mission templates modification suggested by Thorberg. I modified and used this script to force all pole-arm or two-handed wielding troops to also spawn with one-handed weapon in their inventory.
Script to disable the fight in alley at game start. Credit: Tocan (from Tocan's Calradia). Your character will appear on the strategic map and you can decide where to go from there. You can still do the merchant quest by approaching the merchant in the tavern of any of the starting cities and responding affirmatively to his first statement.
Code that increases max party size for owning a fief, owning castles, being a marshal, or being king. Credit Caba 'drin.
Script to buy rest time in taverns to increase party morale. Credit: Tocan (modified from Tocan's Calradia).
Script that allows raids to be broken off by the player. Credit: Caba`Drin.

The mod adds the following Graphics and Sound mods:

Realistic Colors and Taller Grass v1.22 Credit: Lucke189
More Metal Sounds v2.2. Credit: Checkmaty
Sounds from Tavern Animation Pack. Credit: Daedalus / Slawomir of Aaarrghh
Female Faces v1.3 for WARBAND Credit: Barf and Broken One
Expanded Horizons v1.1. Credit: Openshaw
Polished Skyboxes. Credit: Charan
Quapittiy's Banners OSP for 2 new banner sets. Credit: Quapittiy

The mod adds the following Scenes:

Bridge Battle scenes. Credit: Archer
Native Warband Siege Scenes Pack. Credit: Lord Samuel
Historic Castles Project - the British Isles v1.2. (3 used for Kelton castles). Credit: Adorno
OSP 8 Castles by dxaero4 (4 used for Khergiz castles). Credit: dxaero4
Town of Ashford exterior (for Keltons). Credit: Lord Canute
Starfall Castle exterior (for Keltons). Credit: Lord Canute
Outpost and Fort scenes for the Outpost Kit. Credit: Nordous

I also added a number of OSP arms and armors. Click the spoiler below to see them.

Alpha Delta's Ancient Warriors- selected armors
Bloc's Northerner Horses- 4 northerner horses
BrustwarzenLenny Nord Armors- selected armors
Brytenwalda Mod Team- selected armors and weapons
Crusader Way to Expiation (CWE) mod team- selected armors and shields
Dejawulf's Viking Packs- selected armors
Dia151 Arab Equipment OSP- selected armors
DRZ Armors- selected armors
Fred's Bunch of Armors- selected armors
Gothic Knight's Dark Ages OSP v 1.50- selected weapons
Gothic Knight's Spangenhelm model and textures- selected helms
IgorBB OSP- selected weapons
Kojjam's Viking Swords OSP- selected weapons
Kovas items BTWK- selected armor and shields
Lucas OSP Weapons packs I,II, and III- selected weapons
Mackie Weapons OSP- selected weapons
Narf's Rus Armour_Pack v1.3- selected armors
Njunja_eastern_1.5- selected armors
Llew's OSP Mount & Gladius- selected armors, weapons, shields
OSP XIII Century Eastern Europe, parts I and II- selected armors
Pino Armor Packs (Vol. 2 v1.4, v1.2, faction packs)- selected armors
Rathos 7-11 Century OSP (Saxon and Norman)- selected weapons and armor
Sonyer OSP- selected armor
TGAA Ancient Armory- selected armor
Talak Unique Armory- selected weapons
Waewulf's Light Armor Pack- selected armor
Wanderer's YesMoreHorses v 5.0- selected horses
WEe's Helmets OSP- selected helmets
Wei Xiadi Armour Project v1.1- selected armor
Yoman's Helmets OSP 1.2- selected helmets

Changelog for Version 2.52 (Full standalone version)
I. Installation
This is a full standalone version of Ver. 2.52. Earlier versions of the mod are not needed.

To install this version, extract the “Calradia 1050 A.D. Mercenary Uprising V. 2.52 Full” zip file and copy the folders and files into your Warband Mods folder. This mod will work with Warband versions 1.153 and higher. Please note that this patch was intended to preserve save-game compatibility with Ver. 2.5 and 2.51 saves but not all changes will show up in saved games (e.g., changes to troops proficiencies, skills, flags).

II. Changelog for Version 2.52

Version 2.52 is a full standalone version. This version includes all the changes in Patch 1. The new changes in Patch 2 include:

Version 2.52 New Credits (refer to Version 2.50 documentation for complete credits)
* Leonion's Native Armor OSP which combines Native meshes with different native textures which were re-mapped to the mesh.

* Fixed Rhodok Rangeman face code error that made them look like chinless, gormless idiots.

Known-still Existing Bugs
* The Outposts OSP kit is buggy with these newer versions of Warband. My advice is to not use the Outpost feature until a fix can be found.

Troop Stat Changes
* Kelton Gesith and Mounted Gesith now have appropriate level of power throw (Thanks to Minokz for pointing this out in my forum at Taleworlds).
* Vaegir Marksman now flagged as guarantee_ranged.
* Rhodok Rangeman crossbow proficiency has been increased.
* Vaegir common foot troops have increased shield and ironflesh in some instances.
* Reverted Caravan masters back to tf_mounted.
* Gave Masterless Men, Hardended Masterless Men, and Outlaw Leaders power throw of 3,4, and 5 respectively.
* Swadian, Vaegir, and Eastern Professionals now flagged as guarantee_gloves.

Troop Equipment Changes
* Swadian Javelin thrower now equipped with javelins.
* Made changes to some of the armors in inventory for Custom Elite and Custom Mounted Elite- these changes won't show up until a new game is started.
* Added new civilian clothing for most kings (will only show up in new games).

Animations Changes
* Updated Hoboistice's animations for spears, crouching (thanks to Hoboistice for informing me about the updated animation codes and for his tutorial on using them).

Items Changes
* Updated the 1-handed spears to better utilize the updated Hoboistice animations. These spears cannot be swung overhead but have an overhand and underhand attack.
* Inserted carry appropriate carry codes for several pole-arms so that they carry on back properly (polehammer, poleaxe, halbard, nord halberd, and a few others).
* Changed flags for Long Hafted Knobbed Mace and Long Hafted Spiked Mace to allow use on horseback (thanks to Minokz for pointing this out).
* Created normal maps and specular maps for Igor BB armors that did not have them.
* Added feminized mesh for Old Mail (thanks to Minokz for pointing this out).
* Fixed the carry settings for Sarranid oval shields so that they carry on back properly.
* Reduced the piercing damage on those sabres having both cutting and piercing capabilities (Shashkas, Avar sabre).
* Fixed several more helmets that had beards showing through the mail coifs. There may be several others I haven't noticed yet.
* Fixed the item flags of several of the face-plate helmets to show the eyes of the troop instead of just black.
* Changed or modified several of my own armor textures to improve their appearance.
* Slightly increased armor value for tableau heater shields (used by Swadians).

Script Changes
* To reduce lord defections, changed simple trigger value to require a relation of -99 to trigger defections (old value was -75).
* Modified the troop wages for mounted troops to differentiate between the lower costing common mounted troops and higher costing professional mounted troops.

Scene Changes
* Replaced the Heardburgh Castle scene with a wooden castle (“grasslands fort”) from the Nordous Sceners Guild OSP. I modified the entry points to make it work with single-player.

Campaign Map Changes
* Refined the map around Starfall Castle in the Kelton lands so that troops could have more space to move around the east side of the castle. There is now less area that is impassible to troops.

Changelog for Version 2.51 (patch only)
Extract the zip file and copy the files into the Calradia 1050 A.D. Mercenary Uprising v2.5 folder located in your Warband Mods folder. This patch updates the mod to Version 2.51. This mod will work with Warband versions 1.153 and higher. This patch is save-game compatible with Ver. 2.5 saves.

* Fixed the Black Khergit lair issue.
* Fixed the duplicate banner issue.
* Replaced the particle systems file that was causing crashes.

Troop Changes
No changes were made to troop stats. Several changes were made to troop equipment:
* Caravan Guard- replaced the leather gambeson with a new leather coat.
* Swadian Spear Throwing- added a cloth coat to inventory.
* Swadian Scout Crossbowman- took away cloth coat, added leather gambeson to inventory.
* Nord Mounted Raider- removed nord lamellar shirt from inventory.
* Rhodok common troops- changed some of the axes for troops equipped with axes.
* Khergiz Horseman- added a spear to inventory.

Item Changes
* Improved several of my own armor textures.
* Created several new armors to replace unused armors or armors from other OSPs.
* Reduced the size of the Kelton kite shields to match the tableau kite shields.
* Modified two of the hewing spears to permit more effective use on horseback.

Scene Changes
* Replaced the Tonbridge Castle scene with the Heardburgh Castle scene.
* Replaced the Heardburgh Castle scene with Pevensy Castle from the Historic Castles Project OSP by Adorno.
* Fixed the Black Khergit lair scene.

Changelog for Version 2.5
I. Installation
Copy the Calradia 1050 A.D. Mercenary Uprising v2_5 folder into your Warband Modules folder. This mod will work with Warband versions 1.153 and higher. Please note that version 2.5 is not save-game compatible with any earlier versions.

Features and Credits for the mod are shown below, starting with the changelog for version 2.5.

II. Changelog from Version 2.01 (with patches) to Version 2.5


* Each faction (except the Khergiz) have two footman lines that diverge from the tier 3 footman. One line is armed with regular one-handed spears while the other line is armed with a special two-handed pole-arm. For example the Nord Skilled Spearman upgrades to Nord Veteran Spearman or Nord Veteran Halberdman. The Nord Veteran Spearman upgrades to Nord Spear Leader and the Nord Veteran Halberdman upgrades to the Nord Halberd Leader. (In the previous version 2.01, the two veterans upgraded into a single sergeant).

* Each faction (except the Khergiz) has a skirmisher line that can upgrade from the tier 2 infantry. The skirmishers are designated as infantry rather than archers and I have added a script that forces them to be equipped with throwing weapons. The advantage of this change is that the player's constable will always upgrade troops to archers if the player requests this. Under the old system, the troops might upgrade as skirmishers or archers since both are ranged troops.

* Each faction has an elite troop at level 35. The Swadian, Eastern, Sarranid, and Khergiz elite troops are mounted while the Vaegir, Nord, Rhodok, and Kelton elite troops are not. Thus, the elite troops for the Swadian, Eastern, Sarranid, and Khergiz factions is part of the mounted professional upgrade path while the elite troops for the Vaegir, Nord, Rhodok, and Kelton factions is part of the infantry professional upgrade path. Only the Nords and Custom Troops (hired from castle/town barracks) can upgrade to their Elite troops from both of their professional lines. Only the kings' party templates include the elite troops, which is the same as in prior version.

Faction Troop Changes:
* I have added a mounted commoner troop for the Swadians. The Swadian Veteran Militia (level 20) upgrades to either a mounted sergeant or foot sergeant (level 25 common).
* Added a Senior Man-at-Arms (level 30) to the professionals line.

* Added a Druzhina infantry to the professional line (level 30).
* Added a Vaegir Druzhina Archer to the Vaegir professional line (level 30).

* Replaced the Guard with the Skutatos (Level 25).
* Added a Noble Guard to the professional line (Level 30).

* Added a Mounted Raider to the Raider line (level 25 common).
* Added a Hirdmann to the Professional line (level 30 professional).
* Both the Hirdmann and Huscarl can upgrade to Nord Elite, the Nords are the only faction that has two different upgrades paths to elite.

* Added a new line to the Rhodok professionals, starting with Rhodok Comite (level 25), which upgrades to Rhodok Equite (level 30). The Equite is mounted.

* Added the Sarrandid Ghulam to the professional unmounted line (Level 30).

* Added Kelton Dryhtmann (level 25) to the professional infantry line. The Dryhtmann upgrades to either the Kelton Gesith or Kelton Mounted Gesith, both level 30.

* The Khergiz Trained footman (level 15 common) upgrades to either the Khergiz Veteran Footman or the Khergize Veteran Skirmisher, both level 20.

New Commoner Troops (non-faction)
* I have added an archer option to the adventurer line of troops that starts with the "Farmer." The Farmer now branches off to either Novice Adventurer or Warder Archer. The warder archer is armed with longbow and axe.

* I have created two new higher tiers for Caravan Masters. Caravan Master is level 10, Veteran Caravan Master is level 15, and Senior Caravan Master is level 20.

New Outlaws
* Coastal Pirates spawn in Kelton Lands and have lairs.
* Black Khergits spawn in Khergiz lands and have lairs.

New companion changes
* Added dialogs for the 4 new companions permits player to send them on missions.
* Each of the 4 added companions is equipped with armor and weapons from the faction they had served.

Troop Attributes: I modified the way attributes are assigned to troops:
Common troops (not including archers and skirmishers) have defined attributes of str_10 | agi_7 | int_8 | cha_8
Professional troops have defined attributes of str_12 | agi_8 | int_8 | cha_8.
Elite troops have defined attributes of str_14 | agi_8 | int_8 | cha_8

Troop pay changes
* The base troop pay was reduced to 76% of the original value.
* Un-mounted commoner troops are paid on this base scale.
* Un-mounted Professional troops are paid 50% more than the base.
* Un-mounted Mercenary troops are paid 50% more than the base.
* Mounted troops are paid 100% more than the base. Given the reduction of the base, this is only slightly higher than in Native Warband.

Troop Face changes
* Discontinued use of Nemcheck's "improved ethnic faces" codes except for Sarranids. All other faction troops use Native Warband codes.
* Use several male faces from Jedidiah Q's OSP.
* Changed most Eastern Province lords and Khergiz lords face codes to make them distinct from each other.
* Changed the names of all Eastern Province Lords to reflect a more Byzantine culture.

Troop Recruitment Changes
* Village Manor recruitment of Special Archers- Building a manor in village permits player to recruit normal village troops or better-trained and better-equipped archers/crossbowmen.
* Castle/Town Barracks recruitment of custom troops is unchanged from last version.

Troop Equipment Changes
* I have made numerous changes to the troop equipment, too many to list here. I have tried to give each faction distinctive weapons and armor to differentiate them from other factions.
* All commoner foot soldiers will spawn with spear and one-handed weapon.
* I have made "light" versions of all the bows so that ranged troops having lower power draw can use their faction's bow. The damage caused by light bows is also adjusted down.
* I have tried to limit the use of pure two-handed weapons for professional troops since a certain percentage of troops equipped with two-handed weapon will spawn without a shield. Instead I have used the two-handed pole-arms such as the long axes and other similar weapons that I have added to the items. Each faction has its own special types of two-handed polearm. Some of the higher-tier mounted troops and lords will be found with regular two-handed weapons.
* I have added a large number of new arms, armors, and shields. Many of the new armors and shields are of my own design using Native and/or OSP meshes. I have also improved a number of my armor and weapon textures from the previous versions.
* I have taken certain armors and weapons that did not fit the time period out of the stores. There are still a few anachronistic weapons but I leave it up to the player to either use or not use them.
* I have tried to standardize the weight, armor values, and prices of the heavy and elite armors. These armors will be quite expensive to purchase.
* I have used Rongar's Item Factionizing tool to factionize the items in the stores.
* As of now, the total item count is 1800.

* Added my own script to enable the hiring of special ranged troops in villages having a manor.
* Expanded the script for hiring Noble Equites to also include a chance at Adventurers, Warder Archers, and Fighter Women. You must have an honor rating of 10 or higher to have these troops ask you for work.
* Added a modified version of Tocan's script to have liege give the player armor after becoming a vassal.
* Added a script to force skirmisher troops to have throwing weapons (since skirmishers are now classified as infantry rather than ranged).
* Changed scripts to give new outlaws lairs and starting quest.
* Added scripts for 21 new banners.
I am sure I am forgetting some other script changes....

* Win amount is 500 denars.
* Equipment changes- lance replaced with blunt spear, two-handed sword replaced with practice mace, javelins removed.

* Change from 14 days to 30 days to re-enter service of lord before being declared a deserter. This is important change, especially when either the player or lord the player is serving gets imprisoned.
* After 30 days the player can request to be retrained as a Professional, allowing promotion to the highest tier.

* I made a few improvements to the siege scene of Ashford. The defenders should no longer get bottled up as they rush reinforcements to the breach.
* I added starting quest bandit lair scenes to the Kelton and Khergiz lands.

* I have added 21 new banners from the unused banner sheet. The player can select these banners- they will be the last set of banners to choose from.

The new item OSPs added for ver. 2.5 include:
Raptor OSP- selected weapons.
Stepan Dinavoa OSP- armor.
Battle of Europe OSP- several armors.
Several armors and weapons from previously credited OSPs such as IgorBB OSP (May 2016) and others (see credits lists below).
If I have somehow omitted your own work from the list, I apologize for the oversight. Please PM me here at Taleworlds Forum. Redleg is my user name.

I have also taken Charan's Polished Skyboxes out of the mod.

Changelog for Version 2.0
Replaced Aderkan town scene with new “Tulga” town scene by Ruthven. This should fix all scene problems with Aderkan.

Major Changes:
The main changes for Version 2.0 have to do with recruitment and troops trees/troop equipment.

New Recruitment since V. 1.11:
1. Each faction now has separate common and professional troop lines. The common troops are hired from villages and tier 3 common infantry troops are hired from towns and castles. Common troops go to level 25 but do not upgrade into professional troops.
2. Professional troops are hired from towns and castles so long as the player has renown of at least 200 and is affiliated with the faction (either a lord or a mercenary working for the faction).
3. Each faction leader has Elite troops in his party template. These faction elite troops are not available for hire, however, if the player builds a barracks in one of his/her towns or castles, the player will be able to hire custom troops that upgrade ultimately to the custom elite troop.
4. The player can build a barracks as a castle or town upgrade. The barracks is fairly expensive and time consuming to build but does activate the recruitment of custom professional troops that permit you to customize their equipment. Please note that these custom troops are not the default player kingdom troops. Once you become king, you will be able to select your kingdom culture from among the 8 faction cultures and will still be able to recruit custom professionals from your barracks.
5. Once the player has a renown of at least 200 and honor of at least 10, from time to time special mounted “honor troops” will ask you to hire them.
6. An additional new troop line starting from “farmer” is also available for hire. These troops are called “adventurers” and they upgrade to level 25. They are paid the regular wage rather than the higher mercenary wage. Adventurer troops are all good at throwing weapons and are fairly well equipped. They are certainly worth hiring if you get the chance to rescue some from outlaw bands.
7. The sword sister line has been re-modeled to make them into proficient crossbow fighters.

Changes to Faction Troops:
The changes to faction troops are too numerous to account for here so I will try to summarize the major changes. Aside from the separate common and professional trees discussed above, faction troops have been equipped with some new armors and weapons, some of their proficiencies and skills have been altered for better balance and consistency among troops, and their skirmisher troops have been developed. The Nords and Rhodoks no longer have any mounted troops as they did in previous versions of the mod. The availability of Manhunter troops, mounted honor troops, and mounted mercenaries should make up for this lack. Each faction infantry line (excepting the Khergiz) now has two level 20 infantry troops, each with specialized weapons. Both of these troops upgrades into the militia sergeant troop. As with prior versions, all infantry troops, excepting sergeants, have and use pole-arms in addition to a side-arm. I used a script that forces them to spawn with all their melee weapons.

All non-mounted skirmishers have been re-designated as infantry instead of archers. The player has the option to rename them back to archers or even a new division if so desired. I have incorporated a new script that forces all skimishers to spawn with throwing weapons even if they are not coded as archers in the module files.

Changes to Kelton lord faces:
Since Kelton lords were based on some of the Nord's lords code, I customized each of the Kelton lords faces to give them a more Anglo-Saxon look, including distinctive Anglo-Saxon warrior mustaches!

Changes to Mercenary Troops:
The main changes to mercenary troops was to enhance the crossbow and skirmisher lines by creating a new level of troop for each. I have made some changes to the troop equipment for most mercenary troops.

Changes to Outlaw Troops:
I have made a few changes to outlaw troops, primarily in the equipment, but also lowered the proportion of outlaw leaders in the party templates so that outlaw troops would not be too overpowering but would still pose a greater challenge than in Native Warband.

There is a troop-tree viewer in-game to allow you to explore the faction, mercenary, outlaw, and other troops trees and equipment. The only troops not shown in the troop trees are the faction elite troops.

Other Coding Changes added since V. 1.11 not discussed above:
I have modified Bismark's custom kingdom troop code from his Native Mod Compilation source to use for my custom troops. My version fixes a couple of small glitches, and as discussed above, provides a limited version of custom troops that are hired in barracks owned by the player.

I have added the starting scene back into the game. The player can now also start in any of the kingdoms, including the Kelton and Khergiz kingdoms. Please note that for the Kelton and Khergiz bandit missions given by the merchant there are only generic scenes for the bandit lair. The generic scenes work fine.

I used Rongar's “Factionize Items” code to help limit faction-specific items to their faction towns. This code worked fairly well, although there may be a few items that I forgot to designate to the faction that will show up in other shops.

I used Nemchek's “Improved Ethnic Faces” code to improve the faces of faction troops. The most noticeable changes will be seen in the Sarranid troops.
I used one of Neil's blood tweaks to enhance the blood effects.

Source code changes to “” to enable a different two-direction spear attack than in previous versions. The code and animations BRF comes from Hoboistice, who posted at the Taleworlds forum.

My own source code changes in the starting equipment and stats for the new character. If you choose the Squire route, you will start with 3 tier 2 adventurer troops.
The barracks and recruitment from barracks features are my own code based on native code.

The honor troops recruitment event is my modification of code used for a similar event in the Brytenwalda mod.

My own source code tweaks to:
Give the player a prisoner management point at character creation.
Make the village watchtower more effective in that it now takes 2 times longer to loot the village with a watchtower.
Reduce the build times for all buildings by 50%.
Increase the number of mercenaries available in taverns to 5-9.
Increase mill prosperity in villages to from 5 to 10%
Double the gold gained after battle victory.

Changes to mission templates and scripts to force infantry troops having throwing weapons to spawn with throwing weapons in addition to their melee weapons.
My own changes to mission templates to allow troops and villages to use weapons other than wooden staffs in the “back alley revolt” scenario. I expected that a tax revolt would involve armed commoners attacking armed troops.

III. New armors, weapons, and horses added since V. 1.11:
I have added a large number of new items so that the total of items (including native items) is around 1589. Some of these new items are from OSP packs while others are my own design. In some cases I have modified textures from OSP packs.

All textures in the Redleg_armors_1, Redleg_armors_2, Redleg_armors_3, Redleg_boots, and Redleg_old_items BRF files are my own textures modified from Native textures. You may use those textures in your own mod as long as you give me credit. Some of the textures in the Redleg_and_various_shields BRF are my own textures modified from Native or from OSP textures.

The new item OSPs added since V. 1.11 include:

1429 Edition mod team - bill weapon
Akosmo OSP pack - various weapons
Alpha Delta's Viking Pack - selected armors
Count of Westeros - armors
Gluck's maces pack – selected maces
BrustwarzenLenny Shields - selected shields
Dariel Indo-Person OSP II - several weapons and helmet
Dia151 - various lances
DNO Historical Wars mod team - various weapons and armor
Faradon Items – weapons and helmets
Frell's Kazakh Armor pack – selected armor
Gothic Knight's HalfCataphracts – selected horses
Hans Weapons Pack - mongol cap
IgorBB – more body armors, helmets, and weapons
Life Erikson - selected weapons and armor
Ohagi's Armor Pack OSP - some armors
Open Source Project Weapons – several weapons
Shik - various weapons
Sly's Armor Pack - helmet
Stephan Dianova- mail armor
Stonehead Saxon - weapon
Thicke OSP Item Variants - various armors
TLD mod team - various armors and weapons

Changelog for Version 1.11
Changelog from Version 1.1 to Version 1.11
Fixed terrain borders issue in module.ini.
Replaced Ashford town scenes with "Nibelheim" town scenes by Toffey.

Other Changes:
Minor changes to troop equipment.
Enabled "walk around" cheat in camp menu.

Changelog from Version 1.0 to Version 1.1

* Fixed bug where townspeople would spawn during bandit night attack in towns.
* Fixed Akkedan town scene.
* Fixed the Ashford town scene.
* Fixed spot on map near Spahtum Castle where troops might get stuck.
* Fixed skybox errors occuring when HDR not enabled (change to skyboxes.txt)
* Fixed some of the problematic dialogs with Barezan at the salt mine. It appears to work fine now.
* Fixed the faction relations report to correctly show the two new factions and also correctly name the Eastern Province.
* Sebival Noyan now has appropriate civilian clothing.

Other coding changes and improvements:
* I have added some code to allow player to change his/her banner in the camp menus. Credit: based on Caba'drin's instructions.
* I have also added code to allow the player to change party name once they reach 200 renown. Credit: Caba'drin's Custom Player Party Name OSP.
* Integrated newer version of Rubik's Perfect Troop Tree Presentation to also show the troops' equipment, skills, and proficiencies.
* Player can now start in the two new faction capitols (Ashford and Akkedan). The starting scene that was removed for version 1.0 was put back in. The town merchant quests will work for both towns. There is only a generic scene for the bandit hideout part of the quest, but it works fine.
* Changed the banner selection presentation to give the player a choice of more of the added banners.
* Recruitment from castles and towns requires 200 renown (as in version 1.0) and now player must be member of faction that owns castle or town (can be a faction lord or a mercenary in the employment of the faction).
* Buying your troops a feast in taverns will improve morale and costs 5 denars per troop rather than a flat sum of 100 denars.

Troop and Item Changes:
* I have made numerous troop and items changes since version 1.0. All the changes would make quite a long list so I will just list those changes that seem most significant.
* I have increased the pole-arm capabilities of all melee troops to enhance the effectiveness of pole-arms. Spears are now even more viable for AI.
* Some of the factions' young nobles (Swadians and a few others) had 0 for athletics. I gave them 3 in athletics.
* I reduced the level, skills, and proficiencies of Masterless Men so they are less over-powered and don't have horses. They are still tough hombres that the new adventurer should avoid. This change also affects the combat capability of Edric Streona's party since he has a bunch of Masterless Men in the party. He will be a bit easier to beat but still tough with 150 good troops.
* Created new armors and added additional OSP resources to provide even more armors, helmets, and weapons to each of the factions. The biggest changes were made to the Eastern Province, Khergiz, Swadians, and Rhodoks. The Eastern Province is even more Byzantine in appearance (especially thanks to IgorBB's latest OSP armors) and much more distinct from the Khergiz. The Khergiz have much of the flavor of the native Khergits. The Rhodoks troops now have a more consistent look to them in terms of helmets, armor, and weapons. The Swadians have more and better helmets and better armor (I gave them the most advanced armors of all factions to help balance them a bit better). Minor changes were made to Nords, Keltons, Sarranid, and Vaegir equipment.

New Scenes:
* I replaced the Native Warband Siege Scenes Pack with Quasar's Siege Ladders pack v1.24. Several players noted that some of the sieges did not work properly in version 1.0. I have not compared all of the Quasar sieges to all of the Native Warband Siege Scenes Pack so I can't say which is better overall. I have used both packs in various version of this mod and like them both. The advantage of using Quasar's pack is that it doesn't require changes to the or scenes.txt so that if any of the sieges don't work, they can be replaced by the Native scenes. In the Native Warband Siege Scenes Pack, several changes needed to be made to the scenes.txt, making swapping between the modded scenes and Native scenes more problematic.
* I replaced the scenes for 3 of the 4 Kelton castles with other castles from the Historic Castles Project v 1.2 and renamed those 3 castles. Clifford Castle was changed to Heardburgh Castle (using Classic Motte & Bailey 1), Pevensey Castle to Suthweard Castle (using Classic Motte & Bailey 2), and Llansteffan Castle to Tonbridge Castle (using Tonbridge Castle). The castles's villages were also renamed to reflect the new castle names.
* I replaced the Akkedan town scene with Ruthven's scene of Narra.

New OSP Resources (not listed in Version 1.0):
Al Manseur- selected helmets
Aquietfrog's lamellar texture
ARriad's Mace Pack
Brego's Avar Horse Helm from Imperium Graecorum mod
Dejawulf- selected helmets
Dia151 Mongol Armor Pack- Mongol armor.
IgorBB OSP (2015 update): selected armors and helmets
Rathos Helmets- selected helmets
Rathos Weapons Pack- selected weapons
Russia 13th Century: Way of the Warrior mod- selected armor and weapons.
Spak OSP Items- selected weapons.
Varangian Helmet from AD 1257 mod
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Just wanted to pop in and say that this is such a clean, easy to get into, simply great mod compilation, and it has quickly become my favorite go-to mod. Thanks for making this Redleg, and I can't wait for the next version. :smile:


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shades_o_grey said:
Just wanted to pop in and say that this is such a clean, easy to get into, simply great mod compilation, and it has quickly become my favorite go-to mod. Thanks for making this Redleg, and I can't wait for the next version. :smile:

Thank you for the encouragement.  I expect to have a bit of free time this month and early January to complete version 3.


Redleg said:
shades_o_grey said:
Just wanted to pop in and say that this is such a clean, easy to get into, simply great mod compilation, and it has quickly become my favorite go-to mod. Thanks for making this Redleg, and I can't wait for the next version. :smile:

Thank you for the encouragement.  I expect to have a bit of free time this month and early January to complete version 3.

Not a bad time,Bannerlord is making people want to play warband :smile:  :grin:


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Totenkopf900 said:
Hey Redleg, how is that update going?

It's going fine.  I have implemented Jacobhind's improved morale and routing and am play-testing it.  So far it looks like it is working and does seem to reduce stutter in battles.

I am also fiddling with my script to allow the player to choose his culture in character creation so that when the player becomes king, his kingdom will be based on that culture.  Once I have that one worked out the rest will be fairly easy.

I haven't had as much time to work on it as I had hoped, given the demands of my work and home life.  I still think it will come out soon, much before Bannerlord!


Just wanted to drop in to say thanks for all the work you must have put into this mod. Been playing for several weeks now and it is awesome :smile:


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Cilcain said:
Just wanted to drop in to say thanks for all the work you must have put into this mod. Been playing for several weeks now and it is awesome :smile:

Thank you for the support.  It means a lot to me, especially as I am working to complete and release version 3.


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nmays51 said:
This looks really cool. I'm downloading it right now. Is this lore friendly?

It is somewhat lore friendly.  I started the mod just before I heard about Bannerlord, which takes place around the same time.

By the way, I am going to be releasing version 3 of the mod very soon (likely by this coming Sunday).


Ohh cool. Right on man. I haven't been reading up too much on Bannerlord because I want to stay surprised for when I get a chance to play it, which, will probably be a while. I though Bannerlord was going to take place in 940 A.D. though right? My compy kind of blows chunks so there's a chance that you're mod will most likely be played frequently until I can upgrade my system for Bannerlord.


Redleg said:
By the way, I am going to be releasing version 3 of the mod very soon (likely by this coming Sunday).

Finally :party: I had to uninstall Bannerlord's beta because not enough space on HDD for update.


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nmays51 said:
Ohh cool. Right on man. I haven't been reading up too much on Bannerlord because I want to stay surprised for when I get a chance to play it, which, will probably be a while. I though Bannerlord was going to take place in 940 A.D. though right? My compy kind of blows chunks so there's a chance that you're mod will most likely be played frequently until I can upgrade my system for Bannerlord.

Same here.  My PC is from 2014 and was only a medium-level machine at best.  I will be playing Warband mods for some time until I upgrade.
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