Discussion General MobileParty.All not listing player parties in 1.62 and maybe before

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It's mostly in the title, i was wondering why some parts of my mod weren't working anymore, other party you created not being affected by changes i made. The answer is simple MobileParty.All that is supposed to list all the parties in the game simply forget all player's parties except the main player party.

Every caravan, every party leaded by your companions or family are simply ignored in this list. I tried deleting them, creating new ones, no matter what, it remains the same.
I didn't checked for other parties not part from the player clan, it's already quite a mess to check this kind of things so i don't know if player clan is the only affected, but this list isn't reliable at all.
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I will add, it's not even possible to correct this issue, cause if you wish to add mobile parties to those managers, you are facing many road blockers. The only object that is not private or internal is a MBReadOnlyList where you can't add anything into it.
Methods to add parties to the list, but also heroes, clan etc are all internal in CampaignObjectManager.
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