SP Native Musket Era Mobile Artillery Cannon

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This mod brings Artillery Cannons into battlefield which you can assign into a formation and order to move around anywhere.

Download :

  • Copy the module inside Bannerlord Modules folder, thats it.
Guide for Campaign/Sandbox:
  • To get the cannons into the battlefield, you must first acquire the Bombard item from the Cannon maker.
  • In order to get the cannons you have to talk to Munir The Cannon Master at Quyaz inside the Tavern, you would need Clan Tier Level 3 and 50000 denars to acquire the cannons, you can change or remove this requirements in the XML file config.xml inside the Mod folder, or if you don't bother you can just enable cheat mode and get the item from the Item List.
  • The amount of cannons you can spawn is based on the quantity of the Bombard item you have in inventory.
  • **IMPORTANT** In Battlefield you MUST and only have ONE formation with troops less than 11 soldiers, this formation will be used to give order for you cannons to Move Around.
  • Select the formation first and press B to spawn the cannon one by one in Initial Battle Formation Placement.
  • Enjoy the cannons.
Guide for Custom Battle:
  • To use the cannon in Custom Battle, you need to modify the XML File config.xml located inside the Mod folder, and change the CheatMode value to true.
  • Max cannon placement quantity is 10, usage is the same as in the Campaign Mode, assign new formation with less than 11 soldiers in it.

Behavior & Mechanics:
  • Cannon operator will abandon cannon & fight melee or flee if there are nearby enemy troops or charging cavalry.​
Known Issues:
  • Sometimes cannon operator will ignore or forget the last move order especially when charged with cavalry or troops, you have to give the order again but do not Spam it, it will take a couple seconds for the cannons before attempting to move.


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