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Event Admin: Captain Lust

Any and all rules are subject to change. All changes will be logged here so you can see them.

Match Rules
  • 1. Format
    • 1.1. Teams may field up to 8 players. There are no class or item restrictions. Teams with less than 8 players may play on or forfeit the match. The other team is under no obligation to match the other team's numbers.
    • 1.2. Matches are best of 3s, based on map wins alone. Once a team wins 2 maps, they win the game. Maps and factions will be fully detailed prior to the match and selected through a system explained in the Tournament Rules.
    • 1.3. Maps are played over 2 legs of 3 (for a total of 6 rounds per map). Between legs, teams will 'swap sides' and play the opposite spawn spawn and faction. This is to ensure fairness and avoid one team gaining an unfair advantage due to potential map/faction imbalance. Once a team gets more rounds than it is possible for their opponent to get by the end of the map (i.e. 4 rounds, 3 rounds with 1 draw, 2 rounds with 3 draws or 1 round with 5 draws), they win the map and the map ends. If all 6 rounds have been played and the teams have an equal number of rounds, the map is a draw and neither team gets the win.
      • 1.3.1. Unless teams agree otherwise, prior to the spawn switch, Team 1 in the fixtures will always start playing as Team 1 in the first leg of the first and third maps, with Team 2 starting as Team 1 in the first leg of the second map.
    • 1.4. Drawn rounds will be counted as such and will not be replayed.
    • 1.5. If, after 3 maps, neither team is ahead in maps won, sudden death will begin.
    • 1.6. In sudden death, the first team to go ahead by 2 rounds will win the match. Teams will each pick one of the previous maps to be replayed, starting with team 1. However, they will be replayed for just 2 rounds (swapping after 1 round) instead of 6. After this, the remaining unpicked map will be replayed. If after this there is still no winner, sudden death will be repeated but with the maps of the previous week (unless it is the first week, in which case the maps of the second week will be used). Sudden death will be repeated until one team goes 2 rounds ahead.
  • 2. Teams
    • 2.1. Teams have until 15 minutes after the scheduled start of the match to be present on the server with at least 6 eligble players, ready and willing to start the match.
      • 2.1.1 Teams that are not able to attend with at least 6 eligible players by this point will forfeit the match automatically. If the match is played anyway, I will need written confirmation from both captains confirming that the match was official or the result will not stand and the team which failed to bring 6 players will forfeit the match.
      • 2.1.2 If both teams fail to attend with 6 players or more, the decision will go to the event admin about what course of action to take. Most likely, an attempt to arrange a rematch should be made but this will depend on the schedule of the tournament. It may be the case that the team to proceed from such a situation will be selected randomly.
    • 2.2. As stated above, the team size will always be 8vs8. If a team cannot play with 8 players, for whatever reason, they must simply play on with fewer players or forfeit the match.
    • 2.3. Any players that a team uses must be registered on their team roster, using the ID which they are registered. This ID can and should be checked in game, using the ENL Admin Mod.
      • 2.3.1. Players registered for one team, who play for another team in a match will be banned from the tournament.
      • 2.3.2. Teams using players with IDs that are not on their team roster will forfeit any rounds in which the ineligible players participated.
      • 2.3.3. Due to a marked trend in the IDs of Russian players, this rule will not apply where the mismatched ID of a Russian player is exactly 120000 higher or lower than the ID listed in the roster within the ranges of 330000-379999 or 450000-499999, unless the mismatched ID of the player is present on another team's roster. In the case that this clause is used, the mismatched ID will be automatically assigned to that player as a result.
    • 2.4. Players are not required to use the names under which they were registered, however players must be wearing their team tags when playing.
    • 2.5. Teams may make 2 substitutions during each 3 round leg. This includes replacing players who crash or disconnect. When making a switch, the outgoing player should leave the server. At no point should teams spawn more than 8 players. If more than 8 players spawn, the round can be played out but it automatically forfeit, as long as screenshot or video evidence is provided. If more than 10 players spawn for one team in a round, the leg is forfeit to the opposing team and can be stopped immediately.
      • 2.5.1. If "no spectators" has been agreed by the teams, the joining player should respect that and make sure to join the server late in the round. If spectators have been agreed and allowed by both teams then neither team should take up more than half of the spectator spots.
    • 2.6. Teams are permitted to make as many substitutions as they like at any point where the map is changed or reset.
  • 3. Settings
    • 3.1. All Gold settings set to 100.
    • 3.2. Round Time Limit set to 300.
    • 3.3. Map Time Limit set to 120 (to avoid the map ending prematurely).
    • 3.4. Friendly Fire Damage to Friend should be 100. Friendly Fire Damage to Self should be 0.
    • 3.5. Melee and Ranged Friendly Fire should be enabled.
    • 3.6. Server should be set to 'Private Mode' with the ENL Admin Mod.
    • 3.7. All Class Limits should be disabled.
    • 3.8. Game Type set to Battle.
    • 3.9. The Map and Factions should be set to those specified in the fixture thread.
    • 3.10. Spectator Camera should be 'Locked to Team Members' View'.
    • 3.11. Control Block Direction should be set to 'By Mouse Movement'.
    • 3.12. Combat Speed set to 'Medium'.
    • 3.13. Respawn Period set to 8 seconds.
    • 3.14. All polls and bots should be disabled.
    • 3.15. Autobalance threshold should be 'Unlimited'.
    • 3.16. Individual Banners should be allowed.
    • 3.17. Ranged weapons should not be disabled.
    • 3.18. Minimum armor should not be forced.
  • 4. Server
    • 4.1. All matches must take place on the official German servers provided, named 'MMNFC_Germany_(1-3)'.
    • 4.2. Servers will be automatically assigned to teams once their match is scheduled (this process is detailed in the Tournament Rules).
    • 4.3. The server password may be changed for the course of the match, to avoid random joiners. However, it will be set to "nfc1" by default and should always be reset to that following each match.
    • 4.4 Teams should not alter the number of slots on the servers.
  • 5. Map Pool - note that the admin or player selecting the map must have the latest version of the ENL Admin Mod installed and should select the map exactly as it is written here. '(ENL)' versions of the Native maps no longer overwrite the Native maps and must be chosen from the admin panel.
    • 5.1. Closed
      • 5.1.1. Nord Town (ENL)
      • 5.1.2. Port Assault (ENL)
      • 5.1.3. San'di'boush
      • 5.1.4. Vendetta
      • 5.1.5. Village (ENL)
    • 5.2. Mixed
      • 5.2.1. Frosty Battle
      • 5.2.2. Reveran Village
      • 5.2.3. Ruins (ENL)
    • 5.3. Open
      • 5.3.1. Field by the River (ENL)
      • 5.3.2. Snowy Village (ENL)
  • 6. Enforcement and Expectations
    • 6.1. Penalties for breaching any of the above rules may be severe. Where the penalty is not detailed, it will be up to the event admin to decide how the rulebreak is dealt with
    • 6.2. An effort will be made to have a referee present in the server for every match. This referee is in place to inform the teams of the rules and act to enforce them where applicable. Where not applicable, the referee should act to provide a fair solution quickly. Additionally, the referee will be responsible for maintaining the flow of the game and minimising the length of breaks taken between play. If it is not possible for a referee to be present for whatever reason, teams should attempt to contact the event admin immediately in the case of any disputes or potential rulebreaks.
    • 6.3. Teams that make an effort to create drama or actively contribute to a negative atmosphere for the tournament will be viewed unfavourably.
    • 6.4. All tournament participants are expected to treat one another with respect at all times and activities such as name calling or trolling will not be tolerated
    • 6.5. The use of any 3rd party hacks or modified files that give players an unfair advantage* is strictly forbidden. Any teams and/or players found to be in breach of this rule will be dealt with very harshly.
      • 6.5.1. Anything that allows the player to gain more information about an opponent than would be possible within the Native module is forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, modifications to reduce opacity on textures or remove certain objects.
      • 6.5.2. Modifications such as alterations to the crosshair, banners or certain graphical modifications are acceptable.

Tournament Rules
  • 1. Teams
    • 1.1. The meaning of "teams" within this tournament is fully defined in this section of the rules and any way in which teams or clans are organised beyond that bears no relevance to this tournament.
    • 1.2. All teams must have exactly one captain. This captain will be fully responsible for all decisions the team makes, including leaving the competition, scheduling matches, updating the roster and receiving prize money. This player does not need to be the in game leader of the team.
    • 1.3. Rosters will be kept for all teams. There will be no upper limit, for these rosters but players may only use players from their roster for matches. These rosters will be publicly displayed, along with corresponding gameIDs for players. These can be verified by teams, using the ENL Admin Mod on official servers.
    • 1.4. Players may be added to team rosters prior to the tournament start and at certain fixed points, however players may not be removed for the duration of the tournament. All player additions must take place in the Teams & Bracket thread, which will contain clear instructions about how changes should be made and when they will be validated.
    • 1.5. Players may not join more than one team in the tournament.
      • 1.5.1. Any registered player found to be registered to two teams will be banned from the tournament.
      • 1.6. Team participation will be handled by invites. It is possible that some slots will be presented as open signups but there is no guarantee on this.
  • 2. Scheduling
    • 2.1. For each match, the teams will be assigned as team 1 and team 2. This will have significance for a number of issues.
    • 2.2. Upon signing up, all teams will choose their timeslot preference as either "Early", "Late" or "Flexible". This may not be changed during the tournament.
    • 2.3. "Early" teams will only have to play in one of the earlier timeslots (17:00 or 18:30 GMT) and "Late" teams will only ever have to play in one of the later timeslots (18:30 or 20:00 GMT). "Flexible" teams have no guarantees about which timeslots they have to use but through choosing the "Flexible" option, certain additional benefits are available to that team and they tend to get priority over the final decision, as explained below.
    • 2.4. All matches will use the standard 3-day system: In this system, team 1 will pick 2 out of 3 available dates for the match, after which team 2 will pick from those 2 dates, to decide the final match date as well as the timeslot for their match if the teams are both "Early" or both "Late. If the teams are both "Flexible", team 2 will pick their 2 preferred timeslots and team 1 must then pick from those two. If team 2 is "Flexible" and the other is either "Early" or "Late" then team 2 should select the timeslot along with their date selection. If team 1 is "Flexible" and the other is either "Early" or "Late" then team 1 may either pick the timeslot along with their date selection or wait for team 2 to pick the final date. Failure to make any of your team's date or timeslot picking deadlines will mean handing the decision over to your opponent. If one team is "Early" and the other "Late", then the middle timeslot of 18:30 GMT will be used. This must take place on the deadline day of the previous match.
    • 2.5. Teams that fail to meet deadlines for scheduling their matches will end up leaving the decisions to their opponents and losing their right to have a say in the scheduling process.
  • 3. Format
    • 3.1. The tournament format will consist of a group stage (4 groups of 4), followed by a single elimination bracket with two teams qualifying from each group (1st and 2nd).
    • 3.2. To determine placements within the groups, there will be three stages of matches. In the first stage, the teams within the groups will be randomly organised into two matches. In the second stage, the winners of these matches will play each other and so will the losers. The loser of the losers' match is then placed in 4th and the winner of the winners' match is placed in first. In the third stage, the loser of the winners' match and the winner of the losers' match play off to determine who will place 2nd (the winner) and who will place 3rd (the loser).
    • 3.3. As stated, after the group stage will be a single elimination bracket. This will be organised such that the 1st and 2nd teams from each group do not meet each other again until the final (provided they aren't knocked out).
    • 3.4. The seed for the tournament will be fully randomised.
  • 4. Matches
    • 4.1. Threads will be made for each stage of the tournament (separated by groups, for the group stage). This is where scheduling will take place and it is also a place for spectators and players to comment on the matches, make predictions or discuss results.
    • 4.2. All match results must be posted in the fixture thread for that match and should include screenshots of the scoreboards at the end of each leg, map and sudden death round.
    • 4.3. Maps and Factions for each match will be posted in the Teams & Bracket thread in advance of the tournament start. Maps will be selected on a cycle (individual for each map category with a randomised order), with one closed, one mixed and one open map for each match. The order of factions will be randomised but the frequency which they occur will be limited to try make each faction appear an approximately equal number of times.
    • 4.4. All matches are eligible for livestreaming by MB_tv, official live channel for the MarkMods Native Fall Cup. Any other channels that wish to stream matches not covered by MB_tv may do so, however they must first be granted permission by the event admin. No permission to have matches livestreamed is required by teams and teams have no right to object to their matches being livestreamed. If teams suspect they are being put at an unfair disadvantage or that being livestreamed may somehow negatively impact them, they should raise this issue with the event admin, via PM.
  • 5. Sponsorship
    • 5.1. This tournament is sponsored by MarkMods Game Server Hosting.
    • 5.2. MarkMods Game Server Hosting holds no responsibility for the general administration and organisation of the tournament.
    • 5.3. MarkMods Game Server Hosting is the provider of the official tournament servers and the prizes for the winners.
  • 6. Enforcement and Expectations
    • 6.1. Penalties for breaching any of the above rules may be severe. Where the penalty is not detailed, it will be up to the event admin to decide how the rulebreak is dealt with
    • 6.2. Teams that make an effort to create drama or actively contribute to a negative atmosphere for the tournament will be viewed unfavourably.
    • 6.3. All tournament participants are expected to treat one another with respect at all times and activities such as name calling or trolling will not be tolerated
    • 6.4. Any decisions made by the event admin are final and must be accepted by all involved parties.

Removed - 3.4. Friendly Fire Damage to Friend should be 100. Friendly Fire Damage to Self should be 100.
Added - 3.4. Friendly Fire Damage to Friend should be 100. Friendly Fire Damage to Self should be 0.
Removed - 3.4. Friendly Fire Damage to Friend should be 100. Friendly Fire Damage to Self should be 100.
Added - 3.4. Friendly Fire Damage to Friend should be 100. Friendly Fire Damage to Self should be 0.
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