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No, I didn't use any mods.
This is the continuation of previous thread of the mistakes in polish translation, so, to the point.

This one I did not notice, because I had hired Eumenys before e1.7.0 came out (I did the save for version compability if that changes anything). So the problem is with the prefix "z Chirurgów". Right now it sounds as if surgeons were some kind of a tribe or clan, the correct prefix would be "Eumenys Chirurg". Oddly enough I found out that not all prefixes are wrong and some companions have correct prefixes and some have them wrong, I found the same issue with prefix "z Wędrowców" which should be "Wędrowiec". Unfortunately I could not find any more companions with these wrong prefixes so I can't tell if there are more issues similiar to this one.


The khuzait faction should be named "Huzaici", not "Huzajczyk", same with faction culture name.

Horse archers in group view in world map are called "Łucznik konny", as other unit types are plural, horse achers should be named "Łucznicy konni"

One issue I found was with last crossbow unit in empire unit roster. "Cesarski sierżant kuszników" has similiar problem as the surgeon prefix mentioned before. The name should be "Cesarski kusznik sierżant".


The second last issue I wanted to mention is with cities. In polish translation they are named "Osiedle" which means a neighbourhood, the same goes with most of sentences related to cities. Correct word would be "Miasto" which is already used in cities' descriptions, "Osiedle" should also be changed to "Miasto" in caravans' descriptions, influence etc.

The last issue I would like to discuss is with mountain bandits. In game they are called "Bandyci górski", the correct pronunciation is "Bandyci górscy".

I will try to find more translation errors in other campaigns with different factions, for now thank you for the help!
Forwarded to the QA team for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
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